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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nishada in Surati!

Nishada in Surati,to achieve in life, is nirvana!Tossed in the lower octaves of Subha Pantuvarali the world has added flu gifted by swines to its chilling list of early morning slaughters,silent sufferance of various unknown souls,jailed in their own bodies,and further within concrete jungles, on roads and everywhere,subject to persecution,variety of abuses,driven by karma and adding to karma through attachment.The world longs for dew formed by the previous night's poorvikalyani,weaving fantasies of walking Man Sarovar's shoreline on a moonlit evening to the enchanting strains of Chandrakauns (on santoor), the lustrous thanam of Hindolam on veena building to a crescendo as one's soul wanders into the inner most sanctum santorum of the ancient saivite temples in the south of Tamilnadu; the quietness and the magic of sublime moments between 5.30 to 7.00pm despite sounds of heavy vehicle traffic from the main road,when soul has almost reached "That"!Amidst discordant notes produced by traffic snarls , cars reversing to brash tunes at deafening levels,the intimidating sea of humanity,televisions blaring loud tear-jerkers and violent outbursts,voices muffled,screaming,whining,wailing, everywhere and anywhere-----SILENCE ,the origin of Unstruck Melody, can only heal!


Shyamala said...

Please keep up the good work, I really loved what I read and am looking forward for more. Silence is where the beauty lies, no doubt, then surely there is a need to seek it as well. Does Soundarya Lahiri throw light on this particular matter meaning "Silence". I would really love to know. :-)

Veena Gayathri said...

sham,thank you for the suggestion.I will certainly see what I can do based on it.i agree with your views on silence.:)