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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Temples and religious shrines exhibit placards that say,"Observe Silence!"This is often mistaken for "Maintain silence"(even that seems quite tough for the general public to follow)!Silence is to be observed,the first step towards observation is to try maintaining the same!

Silence contains all the mysteries,that is why maybe silence has been described as "thick"!Silence is the origin of unmanifested,unstruck melodies which are not audible to the human ear.They are realised through channelised breathing via suspension of the surya and chandra nadis(ida and pingala) and inhaling through the sushumna nadi or the brahmarandra nadi which is in the middle of the spinal chord and beyond our ken,no xray can detect this fibrous nadi.
I felt I had neared the end of silence while shooting for A.R.Rahman's Jana Gana Mana in Ladakh.The imposing structures of the huge mountains and the vast landscapes and the endless stretch of silence everywhere was a testimony to Ramana Maharishi's preaching,"you are 'that'!"I felt no need for pooja or meditation,soaking in the silence was beyond every effort towards God.Silence surpasses the greatest of expressions,silence is loaded with cosmic messages,silence is the source of God.Silence has the power to unravel everything there is to know and it is not surprising that the anagram for 'silence' is 'license!'
Omkara is contained within silence to be realised within!"Mouna vratham" is not just to retain pranic energy without wasting it by talking,it is mainly to understand and explore Silence!


ifastudent said...

Coming to your blog is always a wonderful experience
toyin adepoju

E.Gayathri said...

Thank you so much Mr. Toyin Adepoju!