Saturday 10 October 2009

King of Veena Aesthetics!

Trivandrum Venkataraman is a great veena vidwan, who has surpassed every requirement of veena playing through his sheer expertise and high 'gnana'. Today, his mere touch on the veena frets seem to unfold cascades of shimmering veena aesthetics, exquisitive and exotic!His lilting veena tells stories designed to capture the hearts of listeners.His exemplary performance for Veenotsav'09 on Oct. 10th was breathtaking! His rendition of Pantuvarali was divine, his Kharaharapriya touched the emotional core of every listener. His Behaag was the crowning glory, each and every nuance he produced was personal and intimate, naturally branching off into an emotionally charged javali, "Saramaina"! His every touch, even without intending to, brought out unheard of aesthetics out of the divine instrument he was handling. Playing sampradaya is a regular feature, but to combine awesome aesthetics with sampradaya is no mean feat!
All the veena aspirants are fortunate to share their times with this great vidwan!