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Saturday, October 10, 2009

King of Veena Aesthetics!

Trivandrum Venkataraman is a great veena vidwan, who has surpassed every requirement of veena playing through his sheer expertise and high 'gnana'. Today, his mere touch on the veena frets seem to unfold cascades of shimmering veena aesthetics, exquisitive and exotic!His lilting veena tells stories designed to capture the hearts of listeners.His exemplary performance for Veenotsav'09 on Oct. 10th was breathtaking! His rendition of Pantuvarali was divine, his Kharaharapriya touched the emotional core of every listener. His Behaag was the crowning glory, each and every nuance he produced was personal and intimate, naturally branching off into an emotionally charged javali, "Saramaina"! His every touch, even without intending to, brought out unheard of aesthetics out of the divine instrument he was handling. Playing sampradaya is a regular feature, but to combine awesome aesthetics with sampradaya is no mean feat!
All the veena aspirants are fortunate to share their times with this great vidwan!


Sathya said...

Dear Gayathri Aunty,

It is indeed a great experience in listening to Venkatraman Sir. Right from my childhood days I don't know why I enjoyed listening to veena, Even if it were to be a small BGM in a Film song i was extremely happy to listen it. Then my fortune came during my 12 standard examination holidays, when I was lucky to listen to your veena concert in 2003 at Rajalakshmi Fine Arts, Coimbatore in sunday morning. From then onwards, I jus wanted to learn carnatic music, and realize the divinity of music. I even never knew where to go so that i can get a recording of Veena. I got your album where you had elaborately played Hindolam and Nagumomu.

Now I can feel and realise the divinity of music. Then when I was desperately searching for a veena guru, with the blessings of god, I got Smt Seetha Balakrishnan, a disciple of Sri Trivandrum Venkatraman sir. Eventhough I haven't learnt any elaborate compositions, I learnt to realize the intricacies and nuances of music through Veena.

I am now happy that, I had been blessed to get a chance to learn veena, and appreciate the divinity of it. Wherever I am, I listen to your mukhari, Thodi, Purvikalyani, hindolam in my MP3 player. I am thankful to god to bless me and to experience the divinity of music by listening to great legends like you, Venkatraman Sir and other great musicians


kannan said...

Thank you for sharing your views on this great vidvan. My veena guru, srimathi thangam parameswaran was his classmate when they were studying in Swathi Thirunal Music Academy. Mami would just say that avanoda kai pesum.. avanala mudiyadhaadhey illai..I am glad that music academy has chosen him for a prestigious award!


E.Gayathri said...

Dear Sathya,
I am happy to know regarding the progress of your veena and that you are learning from the direct disciple of none other than Sri Trivandrum Venkataraman. Apart from understanding the crux of music, you have chosen the best bani in veena playing and I wish you all the best!
Thank you for your appreciation of my music, it inspires me to work harder!Regards, Gayathri

E.Gayathri said...

Dear Sri. Kannan, Even I am extremely happy that he is receiving the prestigious award from The Music Academy this year.I am happy to know that you are learning veen from his friend, I agree with her heartily.
All the best in veena!Gayathri