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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Jeeva-samadhi of Pujyasri Nityanand Maharaj is in Ganeshpuri, Maharashtra. He was a born siddha, an Avadhooth, born in a state of enlightenment (a perfected yogi by birth). He hailed from Kerala where He had spent the eary part of His life. In later years He moved to Ganeshpuri, 75 kilometers from Mumbai, in Maharashtra.
Right from His young age He became famous for His healing powers. He attained the name "Nithyanand" as He was constantly in a state of bliss, immersed in Supreme consciousness. He always maintained silence, speaking very rarely and only when it was necessary. Wearing a
loin cloth, He was totally oblivious to His surroundings, having no material possessions to call His own. Disciples followed Him everywhere, magnetized by His divinity and preachings.
Sadguru spread the message of Advaitha, urging disciples and followers to travel inwards towards their heart, which He said was the "hub of all sacred places!" He asked everybody to go to their hearts and roam within their hearts.
The village of Ganeshpuri grew larger after His arrival, and subsequently He established an ashram and hospital in the village. The Sadguru did not adhere to any particular spiritual practice or tradition. Sadguru Nityanand preached unique 'mantra deeksha' to His disciples.
The Swami Nityanand Ashram was also known as Gurudev Siddha Peeth. The region around the ashram had always been famous for hot-water springs. Ganeshpuri is on the banks of River Tansa which is surrounded by hot-water springs. Sadguru Nityanand Maharaj attained samadhi on August 8th, 1961.


Uday said...

Respected Madam,
Came to this blog by accident. I have been reading your post for a few days now. It is really good. Please bless me madam.


E.Gayathri said...

Dear Sri.Uday,
I am very happy to know that you have seen and appreciated my blog. Thank you very much. May God bless you and be with you!

naarayanan said...

I appreciate your sense of humour. I also like your posts on spirituality. keep up the good work.

Subramanya Sarma said...

Respected Gayathri garu,
Ugadi subhakankshalu.

Subramanya Sarma / Sujana

E.Gayathri said...

Dear Sri.Naarayanan,
I had particularly posted this article, to celebrate the name of His Holiness. I understand your appreciation of my humour, though it was not meant to be conveyed as such!!Thank you for your kind wishes!

E.Gayathri said...

Dear Sri. Subramanya Sharma garu and Sujana garu,
Thank you! Meeku, naa Ugadi Subhaakaankshalu!!!

Uday said...

Respected Madam,
I feel very happy that you have taken time to reply and bless me. Ugadi Subhaakaankshalu.


Erode Nagaraj said...

Hi.. remember me? We saw at parthasarathy swamy sabha, when umayalpuram sir played for sikkil gurucharan...

I read a nice article about nithyanandh by writer jeyamohan, a few days ago... :)

Erode Nagaraj... said...


E.Gayathri said...

Dear Sri.Uday, Thank you and same to you!

E.Gayathri said...

Dear Sri. Nagaraj,
Yes I remember. I will read the article by Sri.Jeyamohan!

Anonymous said...

Gayathri garu.. Your blog is very very inspiring andi. "Chintamani grihantasta panchabrahmasanasthita" vivarana chadivenu. Anirvachaneeyamaina anubhuti pondenu. Atisayokti anukokandi. plzz.. Na fav loki cheripoyindi mee blog.

E.Gayathri said...

Chaala thanks! Naaku thelisindedo koddiga ee bloglo raasthunnaanu, anthey!