Wednesday 5 May 2010

Spiritual action!

Above is a photograph of a snowboarder

Dr. Frederick Lenz's conversations with Master Fwap in "Surfing the Himalayas" are so awe-inspiring, which is not the only reason why I read the book so many times! This book literally transports me to the Divine Himalayas, I can almost feel the air turning chilly around me every time I read it!
Master Fwap is a Buddhist monk who identifies Dr. Frederick Lenz as 'the chosen one' for enlightenment. In all the preachings of Master Fwap, the best one was about the practice of perfection towards 'samyoga' through one's profession or constant job.
According to Master Fwap, in Tantric Buddhism even inanimate objects possess inherent knowledge (which the Buddhists term as 'emptiness'). Buddhist believe that all things, experiences and people are inherently empty! Tantric Buddhism further states that all physical and nonphysical things have another side, a side that is not visible to the senses or accessible to the reasoning mind. This different side can only be known and experienced intuitively by emptying one's own mind of thoughts, judgements and predispotions about life and how it works.
Master Fwap further describes Dr. Frederick Lenz's snowboarding as 'samyoga' ( the act of uniting), in which the action aimed at perfection (of performing the act of snowboarding) synchronises the doer (Dr. Frederick Lenz) and the object (the board) to a state of 'oneness'!
According to Master Fwap, the first step is to allow the action of an activity or an event to take precedence over one's point of view. That is the Tantric Buddhist way. To allow the emptiness inherent within actions and experiences to guide and shape one's choices thereby letting the actions to direct us, the actors, and not the other way around.
The Tantric Buddhist way - before beginning an activity one must always empty oneself of thoughts regarding what is to be done. Then allowing the inherent emptiness within to act as a guide instead of one's ego directing and making innumerable mistakes. One should allow oneself to be guided by the invisible principles of the Universe WITHIN one's actions! At that time there will be a perfect flow of energy in whatever one chooses to do, and there will be a grace and power present in all of one's movements. Tantric Buddhism hails such an act as perfect!

At this juncture, Master Fwap instructs Dr. Frederick Lenz,"Now you will go on your board down the mountain. But first you must make your mind still. Then allow the emptiness within your BOARD to guide you. Let it become your will. Remember, YOU are the BOARD!!! Then your ride down the mountain will be perfect action!"

To achieve the above, the aim should be towards nothing less than perfection! In the quest for perfection, man loses himself in the job at hand to the extent of naturally blending/ merging ('samyoga')with the action as well as the inanimate object he is handling! Many great instrumentalists, engineers, doctors, accountants, carpenters, electricians, mechanics, sportsmen, ......................the list includes everybody belonging to various fields, are eligible for this yoga. The bottom line is to discard ego and turn into the object ( it could be a musical instrument, sports equipment, or any gadget in relation to one's profession) towards which your actions are directed, thereby inducing power of action into the inanimate object, creating the 'samyoga' of the actor, action and the object. It is therefore not surprising that the actions of experts handling various gadgets in different fields are natural and almost involuntary! Such experts take their natural skills for granted without realizing that they have merged themselves with whatever they are handling!