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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Younger Sister Shyamala Sajnani

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Cool gurus all over the country are hooking onto Skype to teach their students scattered across Kazakhstan, Sydney, Paris and Wisconsin, finds Lalitha Suhasini

An hour before noon, veena and Carnatic vocal tutor Shyamala Sajnani dials Sydney from her suburban home in Mumbai to link to her 24 year-old student Madhumati Santosh, who has settled down for a mid-afternoon weekly veena session. "It's been a month since I've been learning on Skype now," says Santosh, over the phone from Sydney. Santosh learnt the veena under Sajnani for two years while she was based in Mumbai, before she moved to Australia after she got married. "I practised on my own at home, but learning like this is so much better. It's as easy, as say, looking for something on Google," she says.

Mumbai-based veena and vocal tutor Shyamala Sajnani connects with Madhumati Santosh, her student based in Sydney over Skype for her weekly veena lesson.

Forty five-year-old Sajnani, a self-confessed technophobe, began taking classes on Skype just this January after much coaxing from overseas students. The clear Sydney-Mumbai connectivity has helped ease her into the new system, says Sajnani.
Supplementing Skype lessons
While Sajnani's Indian student based in Kazakhstan makes a trip to Mumbai to brush up her veena lessons, Krishnamurthy visits Paris once a year to conduct mridangam workshops. "There are times when because of time difference and syncing, it's difficult to understand the time signatures properly. Sometimes, there's also a language barrier with the French students and I have to make do with hand gestures. It can get a little challenging," admits Krishnamurthy, who also has students as young as 10-year-old Anirudh Bharve from Goa taking online lessons.
Above are the photograph and excerpts from the interview of my sister which appeared in today's (06-06-2010) Sunday Midday, Mumbai.Following enquiries, here are her contact details,
shyamalasajnani@gmail.com , mobile:09820710573.