Friday 8 April 2011

Planetary position at the time of demise

Yesterday I drew the chart of Teacher's demise. 09.30 AM, 6th April, 2011. Star of the day Bharani, same as her birth star !! (Incidentally M.S.Amma is another legend who has the same star). Time of demise, 09.30 AM, with Taurus rising. Lord of the ascendant, Venus sitting pretty in yogakaraka's house (in Satabhisha, constellation of Rahu who is responsible for veena playing) Aquarius indicates great artistic prowess of the departed. Moon in Bharani, lord of the constellation is Venus again! Moon was transiting the 12th house (Aries), the house indicating life after death and moksha.
Teacher passed away during Vasantha Navarathri during which Goddess Durga is worshipped. The Nava Durgas worshipped on Navarathris are !)Shailaputhri, 2) Brahmacharini, 3)Chandraghanta, 4) Kushmanda, 5) Skanda Matha, 6) Kathyayani, 7)Kalarathri, 8) Maha Gowri and 9)Sidhdhi Dhathri.
Teacher left this world on the third day of Navarathri (tritiya) that belongs to the third Durga of the Nava Durgas, "Chandraghanta" who wears a half-crescent moon on Her forehead.
I interpreted waxing Moon's presence in the 12th house as the presence of Goddess Chandraghanta. (Also Yogakaraka's placement in Hastha and ascendant's placement in Rohini, both moon's constellations are indicative of Goddess Chandraghanta's authority over the after life of Teacher.) I understood the direction where Teacher's soul is headed, which is undoubtedly the world of the Supreme Goddess! Yogakaraka Saturn in purva punya sthaana (Virgo) again in moon's constellation (Hastha) is aspecting all the four planets in Pisces (7th aspect). They are the lord of the eighth house (Ayush Sthana), Jupiter; lord of the fifth house (purva punya sthaana), Mercury; lord of the fourth house and atmakaraka, Sun; and the dispositor of the twelfth house Aries, Mars. All the four planets receiving the favourable aspect of yogakaraka, Saturn reveals the elevated status of the soul after death. Presence of Rahu as "Kodanda Rahu"( karaka for veena) in ayush sthana (Sagittarius) and Venus who is the lagnadhipathi as well as lord of constellation (Bharani) placed in the twelfth house (Aries), transiting Aquarius and Sathabhisha (Rahu's constellation) in particular reaffirms Smt.Kalpagam Swaminathan's yogic state through veena playing and the soul's travel to the celestial worlds.