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In Ammagaru's office on my birthday 09/11/12, handing over my ardent request for Music University in Tamilnadu.The assurance th...


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

April 20th, 2012 convocation- Chennai Music College

Music presented by students of Government Music College, Chennai on April 20th, 2012 when Honourable Minister, Sri.N.R.Sivapathy and Sri.A.R.Rahman had graced the occasion.


Prasath said...

Sri ranganathaya namaha...

Very nice video Gayatri madam! Really inspiring to read your posts, experiences and your journey of life! Please do blog when ever you get time! Your Learning Veena DVDs are awesome! Would be greatful if you can share your email id , as i have some doubts in some lessons! My email id : Prasath.C36@gmail.com ..thank you!

gayathri nageswaran said...

dear gayathri madam,
i am gayathri.i m 19 yrs old.i am just now started to learn veena.just three classes got over.i m very much interested while seeing you playing veena spontaneously.you are a great inspiration to me.mam my fingers have hurted while playing veena.
how long it will take to practice.give me some advice for me..