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Saturday, November 16, 2013

FIDE World Chess Championship inaugural programme

Back stage in Nehru Indoor Stadium with 70 veena and percussion artistes, for the FIDE World Chess Championship inaugural concert on November 7th, 2013.

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ramachandran said...

Dear Madam,

In your blog http://egayathri.blogspot.in/search/label/Astrology I found that you are interested in Astrology and astronomy. Now I am having few information to share with you, and before sharing my views with you I wish to know how far you understood all the three.

What is the connection that the astronomy, and astrology has in common?
How the astrologers predict the future? and quotes about parayachiththaa? How the lighting of lamp is helping the soul, what is the science behind it?
Next comes Yaga and homa. What is the difference between Yaga and Homa.

How you select herbal sticks and size of the dung cake, design of the fire altar.

For winning a fight and election on whose name the yagas/ homas are to be done? either on the person who is competing or on the leader on whose behalf the person com petite

Some yagas give fruitful results and bring a victory, some doesn't why?

Is there any other simple astrology the common man follow?

What kind of diet the kartha should have after and before conducting the yaga/Homa?

Some Yakshni upasakaas with the help of Yakshini may tell which of few may be worth. But in the final leg it won't help., on the other hand these predictors may loose valuable part of the body and the name in the society.

Why is that?

Hope you will read this many times before you answer