Sunday, January 31, 2021

The Majestic Temples!

VEENA AND VIOLA-The rendition of Brahmakadigina Paadamu (Ragam-Mukhari, Adi thalam and composed by Annamacharya) was picturized in the great temples, Sri Kamakshi and Sri Varadarajaswamy temples of Kanchipuram for a musical produced by Sri. Govind Nallappa and telecast by Doordarshan in the 80s.

A unique combination of Veena and Viola with the viola played by none other than the legendary late Dr. Balamuralikrishna! His mastery of the instrument was amazing! The audio was recorded in Sangeetha Studio (Sri.Guruvayur Dorai- mridangam). Our action was filmed as we played our instruments according to the recorded audio version. The video was shot in bits in Sri Kamakshi as well as in Sri Varadarajaswamy temple, Kanchipuram.
Many devotees and vedic brahmins gathered around us to watch the film shoot. Dr. Balamuralikrishna's casual banter and jokes put me at ease as I felt painfully shy and self-conscious during the filming.
The temple prasadam (of pulihara-tamarind rice, chakkara pongal-jaggery rice and vadas) was served as lunch in the thick foliage of mango and various other trees in the backyard of Sri Varadarajaswamy Temple. 
The 2-day shoot in the holy and pure atmosphere of these majestic temples will forever stay in my memory!


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