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PHOTO NO.1- Pro Chancellor and Hon'ble Minister for School Education Thiru K.C.Veeramani inaugurating the photo exhibition conducted by affiliated college McGans Ooty School of Architecture, .
PHOTO NO.2- Inspection and board meeting of affiliated college M.G.R. Film and Television Training Institute.

JUNE 2016-

My mind raced at a feverish pace while my hand continued to draw 5 pointed stars on my work pad. The voice on the other end was giving me updates. I turned the page that was filled with my sketches of 5 pointed stars to draw a new one on a fresh page. 

"These people are trying to convert the university into a music sabha." said the voice on the other end.

I understood this and also knew that it was being done for self-glorification and benefit.

I told firmly,"Our university has given affiliation to M.G.R. Film and Television Training Institute apart from affiliating various courses conducted in other institutions like fashion design, viscom, cinematography, digital photography etc. Moreover this is not just a music university, Madam named the university as Music and Fine Arts university with a view of  covering a wide range of subjects other than Carnatic music and Bharathanatyam. She is very keen on developing this university as a unique one and one of its kind. And you know something...she has such amazing plans!!" My excitement gradually waned thinking of the murkiness surrounding me. These dirty games were too much to take. 

"Yes Madam, one thing is certain, this person has been appointed just to disturb your work. I think you must seek Amma's appointment immediately.... before the new Syndicate is meddled with."

"Hmmm.." The mention of Syndicate brought back memories of the first Syndicate in 2013. During the process I was shocked out of my wits when I found out that the names of all my 6 nominees were changed on paper that was about to be submitted to Madam Chancellor. I then had to rush the original names to Madam by fax. I promptly received a one-liner from Madam, "Next time handover in person".

Breaking away from my thoughts I said “For the next Syndicate I have already chosen names of experts from all fields and not just from the Carnatic field. Categories like cinema, fashion design, visual communication, sculpting, painting etc. have to be brought into the Syndicate. The University will not allow monopolisation of any particular subject.”

The voice on the other end said vehemently, "Of course! And now this man has been appointed just to interfere in your work, there's no doubt about that. Most importantly the University Act has to be amended in order to include clause stating that Syndicate should have equal or more number of nominees from different fields of fine arts other than Carnatic music. That will put an end to all this mischief of trying to convert the music and fine arts university into a music sabha. And that too for their own benefits." 

"I can't agree more, I don't know how to thank you for your support in the face of so much of opposition and conspiracy."

"I am with you Madam. Please seek CM's appointment immediately."

"Sure I'll do that. Thank you!"

Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Final Meeting- 1

I have a lot to say before reaching the final part of ‘The Final Meeting’. Many would have noticed that I hid all labels other than music and spirituality on this blog for quite some time. Reasons- I was not happy to post an incomplete picture of my tenure as Vice Chancellor of TNMFAU. To complete the picture I would have to hit on some raw points which is the reason why it took me so long to post an article about my last meeting with Madam Chancellor. Predictably ‘The Final Meeting’ would be posted in parts before reporting the final part of ‘The Final Meeting’. A game played by a trio of 1) an amateur musician-bureaucrat, 2) a certain silk worm that had infested the field in recent times and 3) a musician more famous for loud/gaudy appearance than for music from the time of Madam Chancellor’s hospitalisation (in the end of September,2016) originated from roots planted during the time of Madam Chancellor’s second term as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu after winning the 2016 elections. The trio’s game plan was to control the Syndicate during its second inception. The game turned bold and blatant from the time of Madam’s absence from Secretariat (due to her hospitalisation in September,2016).

The Final Meeting (JULY, 2016)



Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A Cop's Job....(change to first-person narration)


She was a well known artist, but never cared for popularity. She was on concert platforms for decades and yet untouched by fame. Her mind was set on behind-the-scenes jobs that demanded a deadly combo of daring and super intellect.She searched for information about topnotch female cops and female CBI officers through newspapers and other magazines...her era didn't have internet.

"Cultural Advisor"- posting that came out of the blue gave her mixed feelings. Sounds so lame... she thought to herself.What’s the point anyway? Nobody would give a cop's job to an artiste!!

The teaching staff filled the room. Lecturers seated in the back of the room craned their necks to get a good look at her.

She shifted uneasily in her chair. The room was not big and it felt claustrophobic to be an object of curiosity in such close quarters.

An awards function is better than this......she told herself.

After initial greetings she addressed the gathering, "I know that legends have done this job before I came here. But today the world has changed and things are different. It was easier for students in those days to slip into a traditional mode within the institution. But as you all know today it's much more difficult for students to adapt to traditional attire/ attitude etc. within the institution.The syllabus here demands a different set of mind that's far removed from the world outside."

Looking around she found everyone nodding in agreement.

She continued, "The reason for this meeting is for me to know if there's anything any issues that need to be addressed etc...Since you all have been here for many years you would be aware of areas that may require rectification or... enhancement.." She paused to look at everyone. "Please tell me, what, actually what do you expect from a cultural advisor?"

A long silence followed. After waiting patiently she prompted, "Yes?"

"Madam.." a voice came from the back of the room.

A fair, thin man stood up. He had a friendly face.

"Yes? Please sit down, don't stand."

She didn't want people standing up to talk to her.

"Ma'am, if you don't mind I can tell you."

"Why would I mind? I am the one asking you."

He hesitated before saying, "Actually.. it would be best if the Cultural Advisor of today knew Kungfu, Karate...better still if they knew how to wield cycle chains attached with blades...knew how to aim and throw soda bottles...and also knew how to whistle...." his voice faded while he gazed at her unwaveringly.

Taken aback she stared at him. Sounds of suppressed laughter could be heard in the room.A few looked down while a few were looking at her, their eyes twinkling in amusement.

Trying to regain her composure she asked in a grim voice, "Can you elaborate? What exactly do you mean by that?"

He looked around uncertainly, "That's all I can tell you.. "

She leaned forward,"I think you can tell me more, please come to my office post lunch."

He looked surprised, "Myself Madam? Just myself?"

She said firmly, "Only yourself".

She looked around and addressed everyone briskly, "Thank you, that will be all. You may leave."

P.S-First person account. 

Durga Puja - 2020


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Chennai memories

Myself singing my father’s hit number for a television show hosted by late Sri.S.P.Balasubramaniam . MUSIC DIRECTION- my father,  late Sri. G.ASWATHAMA (PASIDI MANASULU-sung by Smt.P.Susheela)

Late Sri.G.Aswathama with late Sri.P.B.Srinivas and late Sri. S.P.Balasubramaniam
My father with late Chittoor Sri. Nagaiah during the recording of Bhakta Ramadasu. 

Thursday, October 8, 2020


My work in the cine field from late 60s was most meaningful, rich and memorable due to my interaction with legendary composers.

The most renowned composers of Kannada and Telugu movies Rajan and (late) Nagendra will forever be etched in my memory for their incredibly soulful compositions. Here's their mega hit number Endendu Ninnanu Maredhu from Eradu Kanasu. 

Requests for live recording made me do a simple home video where I sit to do my practice. Videoed, audio/video mixed by Jagan G. 

Maneyanu Belagidhe


Friday, October 2, 2020

The Romance Of Veenas


The golden Veena of Rajamathangi had a life of its own. The Veena was filled by the breath of Rajamathangi. The Veena containing the breath of the Goddess stirred as soon as Lord Shiva held Thadadhagai's willing hand on the battlefield of Mount Kailash. 

Lord Shiva's Rudra Veena represents the masculine/Purusha (yang) of the Universe. While Goddess Rajamathangi's golden Veena epitomized the feminine/Prakrithi (yin) of the Universe. 

The fiery gaze of the Rudra Veena  melted the shy beauty of Rajamathangi Veena. At a speed of batting eyelids the divine breaths of the Prakriti-Purusha Veenas found each other between the regions of the Pandyan kingdom and Mount Kailash..... in passion beyond proportions.


Thursday, September 24, 2020


I have been trying to get Sri Meenakshi Kalivenba for quite a long time and realised that it's not available anywhere. Obviously this Tamizh stotram which is the essence of Sri Meenakshi tattvam is out of print/publication. Finally the Goddess willed me to get it through a very good friend in Madurai. It's indeed my pleasure and privilege to upload the same as this stotra parayanam would greatly benefit art aspirants in the 64 types of fine arts (chathushashti kalas).
The English essays given below the Kalivenba is not a translation of the stotram but a synopsis of the life of the Pandyan Empress.


Vijayadashami, Bangalore- Karnataka