Sri Venkatachala Mahathyam CONCLUSION ( wedding chapter 436-446)

436) BHAGAVATHKRUTHASHANMAASAAVADHIKAAGASTHYAASHRAMAVAASA PRATHIGNYAA Padmaavathyanugo Devo Brahmarudraadikairyuthaha Suvarnamukharee...


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Sri Venkatachala Mahathyam(wedding chapter 67-75)

Above are photographs of "Shamee Vruksham" which is the Kula Deivam of Lord Venkateswara and the Pandavas. Also known as Jhand (hindi), Jammi Chettu (telugu), Jambu Maram (tamil) and Prosopis Cineraria (Botanical name). According to epics, Pandavas hid their weapons on the Shamee Vruksham during the last leg of their exile in forest (AGNYAATHAVAASAM).Click to enlarge photos.

67)Thatho Niyukthavidhinaa Dakthvaa Thaambooladakshinaaha!
Vipraanaam Vedavidushaam Thadhaa Mangalavaadinaam!!

Afterwards 'thaamboolam and dakshina' (auspicious gifts like beetle leaves, nuts, vermillion and turmeric along with remuneration) was given to the vedic pundits and musicians who sang auspicious tunes.

68)Dadurdevaa Dhanam Vasthram Vaasudevasya Ye Priyaa!
Thathaha Samaapya Karmaani Shaasthrokthaani Yadhaavidhi!!

The near and dear of Lord Srinivasa presented gifts like cash and clothing to the Lord. After the presentation ceremony, they proceeded with other auspicious rituals.

69)Kuladeivamapruchchaththam Vasishto Vasudhaadhipa!
Sa Thasya Shruthvaa Bhagavaanaaha Vai Munim!!

Sage Vasishta asked Lord Srinivasa, " Srinivasa, Who is your 'Kula Deivam(God of His clan)?"


70)Sri Bhagavaan:-
Vasishta Mama Kalyaanee Kuladevee Smruthaa!
Mamaapi Paandavaanaancha Naathra Kaaryaa Vichaaranaa!!

Lord Srinivasa told Sage Vasishta:" O Vasishta, my clan as well as the Pandavaa clan have "Shamee Vruksham" (jammi tree) as our 'Kula Deivam', there are no second thoughts on this matter."

71)"Kva Chaasthi Sa Dhrumasreshtaha" Ithyuktheygasthya Oochivaan!
Athraivoththaradibhaagey Theerdhey Kowmaarasanjakey!!

When Sage Vasishta questioned regarding the location of "Shamee Vruksham", Sage Agasthya replied that in the Northern direction on the shores of "Kumaradhara Theerdham"...

72)Varthathey Vruksharaajashcha Thathra Gathvaa Thamaanaya!
Agasthya Vachaneynaivam Thathra Gathvaadha Tham Dhrumam!!

Shamee Vruksham could be found. When asked to go there and fetch the tree, Lord Srinivasa who is the incarnation of "Dharma Varaaha" went there...

73)Kruthvaa Pradakshinam Raajan! Bhagavaan Loukika Samaha!
Samshchakrey Shameevruksham Kuladeivam Vrushaakapihi!!

and like an ordinary mortal, the Lord performed the circumambulation and worship of the tree..

74)Sri Bhagavaan:-
Shamee!Paapam Shamaya Mey Shamee! Shathruvinaashini!
Arjunasya Dhanurdhaathri Raamasya Priyadarshini!!

The Lord said:-"O Shamee Tree! Please rid me of my sins! You are the destroyer of enemies! You became the armoury for Arjuna's weapons! You are dear most to Rama!

75)Maatharmey Kuru Kalyaanam Avighneyna Surapriye!
Kalahaha Sarvadevaanaam Raagnyasthasya Cha Nodbhaveth!!

O dear most of the entire Deva clan (Divine clan), please conduct my wedding smoothly without any obstacles. During the wedding, please prevent clashes between Deva clan (Divine clan) and Aakaasha Raaja (father of Goddess Padmavathi)!

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Prayers as Affirmations!

Above is the photograph of Lord Vishnu (jalashayanam) at Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, Nepal.(This temple has devotees from Hinduism and Budhism sects. The entire idol is carved out of a single stone. This temple is one among the 108 Sri Vaishnavite Divya Kshetrams).
Rhonda Byrnes' "The Secret" is all about the well-known law of attracting whatever we think. OUR THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS! So think positively!!!! Simple but tough! For instance, when someone abuses us right on our faces, we not only have to smile at them warmly in return, the warmth (here is the crux of the matter) has to originate from the bottom of your heart to fill your being, (better still if the warmth overflows!!!!). Now we know how tough it is!!!!!! We would be incensed and nothing would deter us from getting the final word or having the 'last laugh'?!
Modern philosophers and self-help experts (like Louise L.Hay)advise the practice of affirmations for the implementation of positive thinking. It goes like this-
Take a book and pen, sit down to write what you desire the most in present tense (at least 10 times a day).
A few affirmations,
1) I am beautiful
2)I am slim and I have a great body
3)I am surrounded by love
4)Divine energy flows through me to attract the best of people and opportunities.
5)The Universe is my home and everything belongs to me
6) I have a great life
and blah, blah, blah.......

Our "nithya parayanam" of slokas are nothing but affirmations and we know that the phrases mentioned above are no match to the slokas that sing the glories of God!
Whenever a paaraayanam (sloka recitation) is performed, it is important to visualize God in the centre of our heart region. Once this is accomplished, each and every naamam (name) of the ashtotharam or sahasranamam is automatically directed to the divinity within us, thereby strengthening and enhancing the Divine within us ( as consciously visualized and practised by us), transforming our prayer into an affirmation!!
The power of vedic affirmations :-
"Om Vishvam Vishnurvashatkaaro
Bhoothaathmaa Bhoothabhaavanaha!"

(Meaning:1)Vishvam-Universe or cause of Universe orOne who is full in all respects (Om Vishvaaya Namaha)
2)Vishnu-One who permeates everything, One who is inside every sentient and non-sentient being. One who surrounds everything (Om Vishnavey Namaha)
3)Vashatkara-One who controls and directs (not merely permeates)
4)Bhootha-Bhavya-Bhavath-Prabhuhu-The Lord of all things that exists in the past, present and future.
5)Bhootha-Krud-The Creator of all beings.
6)Bhootha-brud- The Supporter of all beings. One who supports all.
7)Bhavaha-He who exists in all splendour, always independent of everything else.
8)Bhoothaathma- The soul or life of all beings.
9)Bhootha-Bhaavanaha-One who nourishes and nurtures all beings He has created.

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama or Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam or the other ashtotharams/sahasranamams (slokas or stothra parayanam like Sri Subrahmanya Bhujanga stothram, Lingashtakam, Soundarya Lahari, Devi Khadgamala, Vinayaka Agaval, Srimad Bhagavatham, Sri Venkatachala Mahathyam, Srimad Narayaneeyam, Bhagavad Githa, Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatham etc. etc.............the list of our rich slokas are endless) if understood and implemented correctly as affirmations (because the Divine is within ) yield results beyond the proportions of nature!!!! It is important to understand that it is God we are invoking here and not merely a few material benefits for the sake of our jivaathma like the english affirmations mentioned above!
Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam combined with Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam are the most mind-blowing affirmations one could ever think of in our present times!
Likhitha japa (written affirmations like "Sri Rama Jayam", Sri Maathrey Namaha" etc. are absolutely potent too!)
If one has the time and energy, 'aakarshana mantras' of Lord Sudarshana or Goddess Raja Mathangi could also be used as written affirmations. The results are absolutely instantaneous and magical!
The western author, Thomas Ashley-Farrand has mentioned many mantras in his book, "Healing Mantras".
For health:
2)Ganapathy Mantra-"OM GUM GANAPATHAYE NAMAHA"(to remove energy blockages and obstacles).
The above two mantras are two examples out of the innumerable mantras given in his book that has mantras for health, wealth, prosperity, peace, joy, love and marital relationships.

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Sri Venkatachala Mahathyam(wedding chapter 58-66)

58)Thadaa Muhoothakaalasthu Darshitho Deivachinthakaihi
Bhooshanaani Svaputhrasya Pouthrasthu Jagadeeshithuhu!!

After that, the divine authorities declared the auspicious time.

59)Yaachayithvaa Mahaaraja! Kubera Madha Saa Ramaa;
Aaadaaya Tham Dadarshaadha Bhagavaanaaha Thaam Nrupa!!

Pleading Kubera for goods, Goddess Lakshmi Devi displayed them to Lord Sreenivasa, and He said....

60)Sree Bhagawan:-
Sambhooshaya Varaarohey! Bhooshanairmaam Varaananey!
Evamukthaa Hasanthee Saa Bhooshanaisthamabhooshayath!!

"O Beautiful One! Please decorate me with those ornaments!" and the Goddess smilingly decorated the Lord as He wished!

61)Peethaambaram Dadhaaraashu Katisoothramanarghyakam!
Swarnairaabharanairvasthraihi Bhooshithasthu Thatho Harihi!!

After the decoration of ornaments, Lord Sreenivasa adorned Himself with 'peethambaram' ('dhothi' made out of pure gold) and invaluable waist bands.Lord Sreenivasa, adorning priceless jewels and golden attire....

62)Kashyapaathribharadwaaja Vasishtaadeen Mahaamuneen!
Namashchakrey Virincheysha Vinuthopi Vidambayan!!

And despite being worshipped by Lord Brahma and the enitre Universe, pretending and behaving like a common man, prostrated to the sages, Kashyapaa, Athri, Bharadwaaja and Vasishtaa!

63)Sandhyaamupaasya Vidhivath Kruthvaa Thaathkaalikakriyaaha!
Vasishtamaahooyovaacha Santhoshodrikthamaanasaha!!

After that, Lord Sreenivasa performed all the necessary rituals to carry out 'Sandhyaavandanam' and summoned sage Vasishta.

64)Sree Bhagavan:-
Munisreshtaa! Vasishtaa! Thvam Uththaram Kaaryamaachara!
Vaasudevavachaha Shruthvaa Vasishto Vadathaam Varaha!!

"O Virtuous sage! Kindly carry out all the necessary auspicious rituals!" thus spoke Lord Sreenivasa, and on hearing Him Sage Vasishtaa..

65)Virachya Vedikaam Thathra Moukthikaishchathurashrikaam!
Sreenivaasaam Prathishtaapyaa Sankalpavidhipoorvakam!!

Seated Lord Sreenivasa on a dais that was decorated with pearls on all four sides

66)Chakrey Punyaahakarmaadha Varayithvaa Dvijanmamaha
Ashtavargam Thathashchakrey Srushtikarthaa Pithaamahaha!!

where the naming ceremony of the Lord was conducted. After the ceremony, Lord Sreenivasa, with the assistance of the brahmin purohiths performed the vedic ritual for marriage known as "Ashtavarga."