Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.1



"Shivah Shakthyaa Yuktho Yadi Bhavathi Shakthaha Prabhavithum
Na Chedevam Devo Na Khalu Kushalaha Sphandithumapi
Athasthvaamaaraadhyaam Hariharavirinchaadibhirapi
Prananthum Sthothum Vaa Kathamakruthapunyaha Prabhavathi!"

Literal Meaning :-"Shiva becomes capable of creating the Universe, only when united with Shakthi (Thee), but otherwise (when not so joined with Thee), He is incapable of even a stir, How then could one, who has not acquired merit (punya)- in this and previous births worship Thee or atleast praise Thee, who is adored even by Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma and others?"
Mode of worship: Yantra for sloka No.1 to be made on a gold plate. Sit facing East. Chant the above verse 1001 (1000) times daily, for 12 days.
Archana: Chant Lalitha Sahasranamam offering red hibiscus or any other red flowers.
Offerings: Cooked rice, scrapings of coconut kernel mixed with powdered jaggery and ghee.
BENEFICIAL RESULTS:-All prosperity, granting of cherished purposes and solution to intricate problems.
Literal results:The yin and yang factor (feminine and masculine factor) is balanced. Treats hormonal imbalance. Female devotees facing severe marital problems will be able to bring issues under their control/ curb abusive tendencies in husband.If living in a joint family, there will be harmony between female devotee and in laws.This sloka could help females even in work atmosphere, in gatherings etc.Atleast 11 times chanting is a must everyday.


mala said...

dear madame,
I am really happy to see this article. Since i am chanting the SL daily this article is very useful for me as u said am chanting daily 11 times and also as many times possible daily
this is a fantastic article u have gvn
thank u mam
with love

E.Gayathri said...

Thank you very much and love, Gayathri

manojaay said...

hallo gayatri ji i just want to know is, if i start any mantra so should i do it twice a day 11 times on the same time.second the picture of godess should be tripursundari or any godess picture i can meditate on.third after doing it for 21 or 40 days or any number of days are given for particular mantra should we stop chanting or continue it.please give me your guidance.thanks a lot to helping people like me.

lakshmi said...

madam...are there any experiences of people who chanted 1st sloka...and got beneficial results...any how after seeing the blog i started chanting first sloka.....i felt it is extremely useful for married women...
I also read in one book that those who face problems due to kendradhipathya dosha of jupiter in horoscope are supposed to read 1st sloka of soundarya lahari...to get the complex problems solved..

After reading the beneficial results of 1st sloka...i felt this is true...

thank you for this wonderful blog

E.Gayathri said...

Dear Sri.Manojaay,
When you start any mantra,( unless you have taken spiritual (like Srividya Upasana) initiation where the Guru Himself will instruct you), you may do the mantra any number of times. Normally, 108, 41, 27, 18, 11, 9 etc. counts are considered to be auspicious. According to your convenience, you can do any number of times. There is no need for the photo too, but you may pray to whichever form of Mother's (Lakshmi, Parvathi, or any form of female deity)photo if you so desire. Actually there is no need for any photograph.
Aftaer the prescribed number of times, you may chant any number of times for any number of days. There is no formality or reservation to reach out to Mother.
It is my pleasure to share whatever little I know, all the best,

E.Gayathri said...

Dear Ms. Lakshmi,
I am happy to know your experiences regarding sloka No. 1. Also thank you for sharing the valuable info that it is also meant to mitigate evils of Jupiter's kendradhipathya dosha in a horoscope.
Thank you for your kind appreciation.

manojaay said...

namastey gayatri ji i am really thankful for your guidance ,and i got initiation in spiritual field from shaktipatacharya guru shri Gopal swami ji from Dewas (MP).as i am a kathak dancer and perform all over the world.i need to know one more thing can i start two mantra togather at different time or not.

manojaay said...

namastey gayatri ji as i believe in power of mantra so i want to know to activate any mantra if you are reciting 11 times twice a day on same time how many days you actually need to do it.For example if it is given that you need to recite on shloka 1000 time daily for 12 days and you are you are reciting 11 times twice a day only so how long you suggest to recite that shloka and then start another one.one more thing i would like to know can we do it for someone else or not.

E.Gayathri said...

Dear Sri.Manojaay,
I am very happy to know details about you. Since you are piritually initiated in the Shaaktha tradition, you can perform the yantra pooja as mentioned in my blog. In that case, you can do only one sloka at a time. You can start another sloka after completion of whatever sloka you are doing.
You can also chant mentally, without keeping count (apart from chanting aloud 11 times) despite being spiritually initiated. In this case, a yantra is not needed. Whenever you are doing minus the yantra, the mantra chanting becomes more informal and particular count is not needed. For the mantra to become intense and to yield quick results, you may recite the same mentally ll through day and night. At a particular point, the mantra will start automatically running in your mind as it becomes a part of your system. At this point, the mantra will yield full results.
You could do it for others after reciting their name, star and gothram as sankalpam (mental decision). Even if you do it for others, the mantra will leave its effects on you too.

manojaay said...

gayatri ji i have no words to say to thanks to you.but again i am really thankful for your guidance.
om maa

Anonymous said...

Dear Gayathri ji,
I would like to chant shloka for 1000 times/ day from Soundarya Lahari. I would like to know how many hours it would take normally to do this.

Any suggestions from people who have done this would be really useful

Mukambika said...

Dear Gayathri Ji,
Can I chant this Mantra without the Yantra for 1000 times for 12 days as mentioned? Will it give me the same results? If I have to get the Yantra, where can I buy one?

Thank you so much for the help in advance.

E.Gayathri said...

Dear Ms.Mukambika,
Mental focus and intensity are of utmost importance. I am sure the sloka will yield equal results even if you chant the same for 1000 times for 12 days WITHOUT yantra.
All the best!!

Narms said...

Dear Gayathri.
Do we need guru to start chanting this mantra.

Narms said...

Dear Gayathri
I have lopts of family problems, there is no peace in family and members are separate and having lots of health/mental issues. Please let me know the sloka that will give beneficial.

Thanks in advance.

Rupali Sarma said...


How do you keep count of chanting mantra 1000 times without a japa mala?


santoshganti said...

dear madam gayatri garu i started chanting 1000 times a day a particular mantra i must got the beneficial results with out having the respective yantra

Lakshmi said...

"it is also meant to mitigate evils of Jupiter's kendradhipathya dosha in a horoscope"- Does that mean, Guru in lagnam but neecha?

siddu swamy said...

madem gayatriji i want to to chant one particular mantra plese guide me the procedure i have to follow since i dont know how to follow it
my name is siddalinga swamy waiting for your reply

Shah Sahil said...

jay matadi kya hum saundraya lahari ka 100 slok ki roj path kar skte h??? without yantra???? pls reply pls pls pls

Shah Sahil said...

gayatri maa kya hum roj saundraya lahari ka path kar skte h without yantra??? pls maa reply

E.Gayathri said...

Dear Sri. Shah Sahil,
You can chant Soundarya Lahari WITHOUT yantra everyday, you will derive equal benefits chanting with or woithout yantras.

Shah Sahil said...

thanks maa to reply me, i m happy to contect u, i chant lalitasahastranamavali and saptasati in navratri,, i read a devibhagvat 2 times and personally experience feel about maa Bhagwati,, and now i have find saundrya lahary on net by ur blog blessing of ur gayatri maa so thanks,,

Shah Sahil said...

gayatri maa i have many problems in my life in study and family also many problem, kisi ko buri vidhya ko dur karne k liye konsa mantra kitne din jaap karna h maa pls reply

Anonymous said...

Dear Gayatri Amma, i am currently undergoing tremendous personal life issues. My husband wants and is threatening to end our 4-month old marriage because of some misunderstandings. Should i recite Sloka 1 or which other sloka should i be reciting? How should i do the recitation? Can i recite the sloka without the yantra? For how many days should i do the recitation? Please amma, advice me.


Mridula Reddy said...

Dear Gayatri Garu,

Excellent Blog! the best i've ever come across on spirituality! Kudos to you for helping so many people with your knowledge!

Do you have similar kind of explanation for each namam from Lalitha Sahasranamaalu? Could you please share those details!


Bala said...

would you precisely and explicitly explain the vidhi of praying of each slokha along with its corresponding yantra.
What is the difference between archana and offering . Also could you guide me on inscribing yantra on copper sheet and gold plating it, or better can I buy one.

Bala said...

would you precisely and explicitly explain the vidhi of praying of each slokha along with its corresponding yantra.
What is the difference between archana and offering . Also could you guide me on inscribing yantra on copper sheet and gold plating it, or better can I buy one.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gayathri Maam,

My wife has separated from me due to some misundertandings. She has taken my son with her. It is extremely sad and painful. I cannot live without them and want to have a reunion. Can you please advise if I can chant soundarya lahari slokas 1 and 46 to give me the desired benefits? Will it be beneficial for husband to chant these slokas? Looking forward to your kind response maam.

Ragi Ragipr said...

dear gayatri maam
can you tell how to start chanting this.without the guidance of guru can chant it?please advise me.
thank you.

SKS said...

Congratulations on being appointed the first Vice-Chancellor of the Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University


SKS said...

Hi Gayathri ji,

I am listening entire SL during my morning walk. Is this fruitful/OK.


SKS said...

Could you please explain me the difference between BENEFICIAL RESULTS and Literal Results.Please respond whenever you've time.


Swati Sree said...

Dear gayatri garu,
i have heard the SL and recited it for the first time in my life, i am 32 years old, i am having severe problems with my inlaws and husband is also not settled, as per my horoscope, there is kuja in 7 th place along with shani. i am a simha raasi , pubba nakshatram, i want to live happily with my husband and have gud family., i ahve two kids. my husband is also having kuja in 7 th place.pl.sugeest me something from Sl to my mail swasree567@gmail.com

Krishna Vallapareddy said...

I have practiced the Saundarya Lahari slokas from 1 to 100 plus the 3 additional slokas that are attributed to Saundarya Lahari, for about 2 years now. I have gone through very severe financial and family problems and continue to do so. What really has changed, is the spiritual aspect in me. Though the other issues remain, they don't seem to bother me much. It is as though, a shield or kavach has formed around me and the Divine Mother is protecting me.

I must admit, that when my Father was very sick, I chanted the slokas 34, 35 & 36 related to health, as many times as I could and he was miraculously saved, while in the ICU. He was in fact, the only person in the ICU, who survived at that time, when the doctors predicted very slim chances of survival.

In time, I am absolutely confident with hope, that the rest of the slokas also manifest and relieve me of all the troubles.

I have realized, that it is of foremost importance, to have utmost faith, dedication and continue the Sadhana, immaterial of any benefits that may accrue in the process.

Also, One must combine Abdominal breathing to improve concentration or dhyana and then repeat the mantras Mentally, as and when possible. It is best to concentrate on 1 mantra for quicker results, than go for all of them.

Needless to say, If one can find a spiritual preceptor or Guru, the knowledge and guidance can definitely hasten the process. I have personally experienced this aspect.

TopSecretFatLossSecret-review said...


could you please mention about the book(english) that you have collected soudarya lahari with literal meanings. so that I can buy and study it. thank you for your time and attention.

nisha vyas said...

Dear Gayathri ji , i have started doing this mantra .Prior to this i do lalitha sahastrnaam , I am on verge of divorce and need a solution to save it .All my belongings are with my inlaws and i need it back.pls gayathri ji , kindly advice.

E.Gayathri said...

Please chant sloka 29 as many times as you can.

nisha vyas said...

Dear Gayathri ji , i just saw ur post , but i started doing shlok no.1 is it ok to leave it in between and start the other . I am doing lalitha sahastranaam every day before the shlok no.1 , pls i need ur advice and i will do how u say .do u want me to stop this shlok no.1 and start shhlok no 29. do i need to make sure of any other thing , pls let me know.it will be a great help to my life.

E.Gayathri said...

don't stop sloka 1. or Lalitha Sahasranamam. Do 29 as many times as possible mentally all through the day.

nisha vyas said...

thanks a ton times , i have started shlok no.29 today evening as u had mentioned ..i have complete faith in ur words and thank u so much for help ..i wil do as u say gayathriji..dhanyawaad......jai mata dee.

Shalima Suresh said...

dear maam..i would like to know whether can chant the mantras without having a guru..

E.Gayathri said...

Can chant without initiation by Guru.

nisha vyas said...

Dear Gayathriji, it luks like its my faith . i m doing shlok number 29, and shlok no.1 and lalitha sahasrtranaam , bt my husband needs divorce..i wil continue it until d divorce , bt all lies in d hand of almighty godess.i wil keep doing it , and i have time only until 19th jan 2015.i have faith in goddess ...

Krishnan Narayanan said...


Dear Gayathriji

My son is very dull in studying and he almost failed in 9th std. Last three exams he failed. Now one final exam coming if this is not passed with high marks he will faile. Kindly held me in overcome this situation by giving me a good mantra from saundarya llahari. Please held me.

Krishnan Narayanan said...

<krishnankutty said

Dear Gayathri amma
My son is very weak in studying and in 9th std he is almost failed as last three exams he failed and the final exam will come in march. If this will not pass in high marks he will faill. Kindly give me mantra for overcome from this hardile. please held me.

Kal said...


please get a guru for your son. who can also give saraswathi mantra .


isha said...

Hi gayathri mam,

Im suffering from severe hairloss due to hormone problems should i chant this shloka or no. 43 for best results. N how many times a day? Im a person who has experienced the benefits of these shlokas for even the most difficult problems in my life. Awaiting ur reply.



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