Wednesday 5 August 2009


The navarasas are 1) shantha (peace and serenity) 2) veera (valour and courage), 3) karuna (grief and compassion, 4) rowdra (anger) 5) shringara(love and romance,), 6) bhibhatsa(disgust), 7) hasya (joy and mirth), 8) adbhutha (wonder) and 9) bhaya (fear).
The emotions mentioned above are represented by certain ragas, such as:-

1)Shantha- this rasa is perfectly represented by the raga Shama, Yadukula Kambodhi, Madhyamavathi and Surati to mention a few.

2)Veera -Athana, Nata, Gambheeranata, Hamsanandi and Arabhi to mention a few.

3)Karuna-Sahana, Kanada, Mukhari, Punnagavarali and Shanmukhapriya to mention a few.

4)Rowdra-Athana, Arabhi, Chalanata, Panthuvarali and Darbaar to mention a few.

5)Shringara- Behaag, Kamas, Kapi, Karaharapriya,Yamankalyani, Brindavani and Neelambari to mention a few.

6)Bheebhatsa-Rishabhapriya, Ahiri, Ghanta and Mayamalavagowla to mention a few.

7)Hasya- Kuntalavarali, Navarasakanada, Janaranjani, Kadanakuthoohalam and Saranga to mention a few.

8)Adbhutha-Bilahari, Mohanam, Mohanakalyani, Kedaragowla, Anandabhairavi, Vasantha and Malayamarutham to mention a few.

9)Bhaya-Revathi, Gowlipanthu, Dwijavanthi, Chakravakam and Sarasangi to mention a few.

Apart from the above there are other emotions like confusion and chaos which come under the category of bheebhatsa and bhaya.Most of the janya ragas of the vivadi melas would suit such emotions.
a)Suramani (a janya raga of the 48th melakartha,Divyamani)-SRGMDNS,SNDMGRS;b)Thoomala (a janya raga of the 42nd melakartha, Raghupriya )- SRGMNS,PMRGRS; c)Nandanapriya (a janya raga of the 72nd melakartha Rasikapriya)- SRMDNS,SNDMRS;d) Rakthakshi (janya raga of mela raga Rasikapriya) -SRGMDS,SDMGRS;e)Srikanthavilepini (janya of the 54th mela raga Viswambari)- SRGMDNS,SNDMGRS etc.convey the emotions of confusion and chaos.Even the 2nd melakartha Ratnangi and the 47th melakartha Suvarnangi could be included in the category of chaos and confusion.
Feelings of regret (under the bhaya category) are perfectly conveyed by Dwijavanthi.Feelings of fear born out of abuse and supression of feelings are conveyed by Sarasangi and Revathi.

Shringara is a category that consists of many stages and emotions.Feelings of unexpressed and budding love are characterised by Brindavani.Advancement towards verbal expression of love is conveyed by Kapi and further developments are conveyed by Behaag,kamas and Karaharapriya, in that order.

Love that defies social norms and principles is perfectly conveyed by janya ragas of 61st melakartha raga, kanthamani. Love and alliances that are not approved - Divayadhorini (janya of Kanthamani) SRGPDS,SNDMGRS; clandestine meetings are represented ironically by the janya raga named Preyasi (janya of Kanthamani) SGMPDNS,SNDPMGS-in this raga the exclusion of the rishabha amounts to doing away with social norms and principles. The notes (SG) also indicate the bold step taken against principles towards forbidden, shady (MPDN) interests.
Bhamamani (janya of Kanthamani),SRMGDNS,SNDMGRS falls under the same category.

Shantha, peace after a fight or quarrel is represented by Shama; tranquility as a result of meditation is conveyed through Madhyamavathi; striving for peace and finding a solution to a conflicting situation are conveyed by Surati.

Adbhutha,wonder at discovering something beautiful is conveyed by Bilahari; something of value and substance is conveyed through Anadabhairavi; something concerning progress is conveyed by Vasantha.

Anger (Rowdra) is born out of various situations and emotions.Anger is not the same in all the situations, the emotion is reflected differently based on events,people,nature and situations. Righteous anger born out of masculinity and valour is represented by Athana and Panthuvarali. Anger due to quarrelsome nature is conveyed by Chalanata.

Veera's subdivisions like pomposity is conveyed by Balahamsa (janya of the 28th melakartha,Harikambodhi)- SRMPDS,SNDPMRMGS; heroism by Athana; and valour in a fit of rage by Hamsanandi.

Karuna ,compassion out of pity is conveyed through Mukhari and Saveri; compassion due to overflowing love is represented by the raga sahana, Kanada and Hindolam.

Hasya, joy and laughter again depends on various attitudes and situations.Comedy is represented by Kuntalavarali (janya of 28th mela raga,Harikambodhi)- SMPDNDS,SNDPMS; youthful zest and joy are represented by Kadanakuthoohalam (janya of 29th melakartha ragam, Sankarabharanam)-SRMDNGPS,SNDPMGRS; and joy born out of maturity is conveyed by Navarasakanada (28th melakartha raga Harikambodhi janya)- SGMPS,SNDMGRS; Janaranjani (29th melakartha, Sankarabharanam janya)-SRGMPDPNS,SDPMRS; and Kambodhi.

Manodharma is inexhaustible,there are various ragas to represent various moods, emotions, timings and seasons!