Tuesday 18 August 2009

Points to note about SL Yantras and Slokas

In my postings, the "mode of worship" and "offerings" are meant for tantric practitioners. Not everybody is initiated into 'tantra upaasana', at the same time Soundarya Lahari is also meant for everybody. Busy housewives, men and women,people who take care of homes as well as office affairs are all hard pressed for time. In today's hectic world it is extremely difficult to find time for ritualistic worship and that need not make one feel deprived of practice or benefits.All the slokas, yielding various benefits could be chanted mentally anywhere, except during prohibited times/surroundings or conditions.
The "Overall View" is meant for everybody coping in this busy world. A daily loud chanting of a chosen sloka for atleast 11 times, and the rest of the chanting mentally within oneself would yield required results.
"SOUNDarya Lahari" is also about the vibration of the sloka. Every word that is chanted could mean many things ( even if the meaning is in accordance with any other language other than sanskrit). Every sound resulting from every word of the sloka yields similar result, if chanted religiously and with faith in not only the greatness of Sri Adi Sankaracharya's poetic homage to the Goddess, but also the Acharya's intention to prove through this dazzling hymn, that SOUND is Cosmic and powerful.