Sri Venkatachala Mahathyam CONCLUSION ( wedding chapter 436-446)

436) BHAGAVATHKRUTHASHANMAASAAVADHIKAAGASTHYAASHRAMAVAASA PRATHIGNYAA Padmaavathyanugo Devo Brahmarudraadikairyuthaha Suvarnamukharee...


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sad demise!

Veena Vidushi,Smt.VIDYA SHANKAR
Renowned veena Acharya, musicologist, sanskrit expert and reputed author of carnatic music texts, Smt. Vidya Shankar passed away this morning (according to news I had received from reliable sources). The field of veena suffers a great vacuum after her demise, the contributions she made during her life-time towards veena and the aspirants of veena have been immense and unparalleled! My heartfelt condolences to her family members and disciples.
I pray to God that her soul should rest in peace at the lotus feet of the Lord!

Monday, June 28, 2010

After a long tour!

After a tiring, yet interesting tour, I have just returned from Singapore. Watching Michael Jackson's music show on the television marking the first anniversary (June 25th) of his death in my hotel room in New Park hotel on Serangoon Road, Singapore (ironically I watched news about his demise in Houston last year), brought tears to my eyes!
My all-time favourite, "Beat It" is embedded below. The last one-minute of the song builds into a crescendo of electrifying vocals, choreography and matchless dancing by the great genius!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Younger Sister Shyamala Sajnani

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Cool gurus all over the country are hooking onto Skype to teach their students scattered across Kazakhstan, Sydney, Paris and Wisconsin, finds Lalitha Suhasini

An hour before noon, veena and Carnatic vocal tutor Shyamala Sajnani dials Sydney from her suburban home in Mumbai to link to her 24 year-old student Madhumati Santosh, who has settled down for a mid-afternoon weekly veena session. "It's been a month since I've been learning on Skype now," says Santosh, over the phone from Sydney. Santosh learnt the veena under Sajnani for two years while she was based in Mumbai, before she moved to Australia after she got married. "I practised on my own at home, but learning like this is so much better. It's as easy, as say, looking for something on Google," she says.

Mumbai-based veena and vocal tutor Shyamala Sajnani connects with Madhumati Santosh, her student based in Sydney over Skype for her weekly veena lesson.

Forty five-year-old Sajnani, a self-confessed technophobe, began taking classes on Skype just this January after much coaxing from overseas students. The clear Sydney-Mumbai connectivity has helped ease her into the new system, says Sajnani.
Supplementing Skype lessons
While Sajnani's Indian student based in Kazakhstan makes a trip to Mumbai to brush up her veena lessons, Krishnamurthy visits Paris once a year to conduct mridangam workshops. "There are times when because of time difference and syncing, it's difficult to understand the time signatures properly. Sometimes, there's also a language barrier with the French students and I have to make do with hand gestures. It can get a little challenging," admits Krishnamurthy, who also has students as young as 10-year-old Anirudh Bharve from Goa taking online lessons.
Above are the photograph and excerpts from the interview of my sister which appeared in today's (06-06-2010) Sunday Midday, Mumbai.Following enquiries, here are her contact details,
shyamalasajnani@gmail.com , mobile:09820710573.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sri Venkatachala Mahathyam (wedding chapter 137-147)

Sri Kumara Swami

137)Evamukthaha Kubeyreyna Sreenivaasaha Sathaam Gathihi!
Shanmukham Preyshayaamaasa Vahneyraahvaanakaaranaath!!

Lord Srinivasa asked Lord Kumara Swami to summon Agnihothra (Fire God).

138)Sa Gathvaa Thvaritham Skandaha Shaasanam Gnyaapayan Hareyhe!
Sampraaptho Vaayuveygeyna Sahitho Jaathavedasaa!!

Lord Kumara Swami set off immediately to carry out the wishes of Lord Srinivasa. Accompanied by Lord Agnihotra, Lord Kumara Swami returned in lightning speed.

139)Thathaha Provaacha Bhagavaan Thvaritham Havyavaahanam!
Sree Bhagavaan:-
Kshanaadbhrakshyaannashaakaadi Pacha Swaahaa Samanvithaha!!

Lord Srinivasa ordered Lord Agnihothra-" I command Yourself and your wife, Swaaha Devi to prepare hot and delicious food immediately!"

140)Ithi Naaraayanavachaha Shruthvaagnisthamabhaashathaha!
Paakaardham Bhaajanam Krishna! Naa Sthye Kama Pi Mey Harey!!

Lord Agnihothra said,"Krishna! How can I cook without any vessels here?!...

141)Kaaryaha Paako Mahaaraaja! Bahoonaam Bhakthavathsala!
Ithi Thasya Vachaha Shruthvaa Shaarngyinam Prathyabhaashatha!!

O Merciful and Compassionate One to devotees! Lord Srinivasa! I have to cook for so many people and how is it possible without any vessels?!"

142)Sree Bhagavaan:-
Bhavathaam Bhavaney Thaatha! Kinchijjaathey Mahothsavey!
Bhaajanaani Mahaabhaaga Vardhanthey Vatabeejavath!!

Lord Srinivasa said, "Agnihothra! I am sure you have as many vessels as Banyan seeds in your house which you use for festivities!

143)Mama Kalyaana Samaye Bhaanda Meykam Na Drushyathey!
Deivameyva Param Manye Sarveyshaam Sarvasaadhaney!!

For my wedding celebrations I do not have even one vessel! Alas! Without God's grace how can anyone carry out the rituals and procedures?!

144)Upaayam Shrunu Sapthaasya Paakaardham Paajanairvinaa!
Annam Swaamisaromadhye Soopam Paapavinaashaney!!

Agnihothra, One who is blessed with seven tastes ("jihwa")! If you do not have vessels to cook, please cook rice on the banks of Swami Pushkarini, Dhal on the banks of Papavinashanam...

145)Viyadgangaa Jaley Vahney!Paramaannam Gudaanvitham!
Deyvatheerthey Shaakamagney! Thumbutheerthey Thu Chithrakam!!

Sweet Rice pudding made out of jaggery ('chakkera pongali') on the banks of Aakasha Ganga, Vegetables on the banks of Deva Theertham, Tamarind rice ('pulihora') on the banks of Thumburu Theertham....

146)Kumaaradhaarikaatheerthey Bhakshyaani nVividhaani Cha!
Paandutheerthey Cha Karthavyaha Thinthrineerasa Uththamaha!!

On the banks of Kumara Theertham a variety of savouries ('pindi vantalu'), on the banks of Paandu Theertham tamarind soup (sambar and rasam)....

147)Vyanjanaanyanyatheerdheyshu Kandamoolaphalai Ssaha!
Kriyathaam Lehyapeyaani Theerdheyshvanyeshu Paavaka!!

On the banks of the other 'theerthams' (divine lakes), dishes made out of herbal vegetables and fruits. Please organise for such dishes that can be licked and tasted with the tongue and delicious syrups and juices that are to be drunk, etc. on the banks of the rest of the divine lakes!"