Sri Venkatachala Mahathyam CONCLUSION ( wedding chapter 436-446)

436) BHAGAVATHKRUTHASHANMAASAAVADHIKAAGASTHYAASHRAMAVAASA PRATHIGNYAA Padmaavathyanugo Devo Brahmarudraadikairyuthaha Suvarnamukharee...


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.7


"Kvanathakancheedhaamaa Karikalabhakumbhasthananathaa
Pariksheenaa Madhye Parinathashcharaschandravadanaa!
Dhanurbaanaan Paasham Srunimapi Dadhaanaa Karathalaihi
Purasthaadaasthaam Nah Puramadhithuraahopurushikaa!"

Literal Meaning:"May the divine Mother with Her slender waist girdled with jingling mini-bells, body slightly bent in the middle by the weight of Her breast resembling the frontal globes of the forehead of a young elephant, Her face blooming like the autumnal moon and Her four hands holding bow, arrow, noose and goad and Who is the pride of Shiva, manifest Her presence before us."
Mode of worship: Yantra to be made on gold plate or holy ashes (bhasma) levelled on a copper plate. Sit facing North-East.Chant this sloka 1000 times daily for 45 (12) days.
Archana: Chanting of Durga Shasranamam offering vermillion.
Offerings: Cooked rice, curd, fruit-juice and sweet milk gruel.
BENEFICIAL RESULTS: Fascinating even royal personages and over-coming enemies.
Literal Results: This sloka will directly link the devotee to the Supreme Goddess of Kanchipuram, Kamakshi. She is the dominant One "Purushika" and She literally takes over the devotee and gives her/ him a delicious taste of Her "saannidhyam". Messages, events related to Kanchi Kamakshi will fill the life of the devotee and she/ he is constantly in a state of bliss just thinking about Her. People with Rahu-related problems can overcome difficulties by chanting this sloka.


SAI<=>MUSIC said...

Are you a Sridevi Upasaka mam? How did you gather so much knowledge about tantra? Are people of all ages allowed to do the things you have mentioned in these posts? Could you please give me suggestions to improve the flexibility of vocal chords and some slokas to give flow of music? I do listen a lot and practice a few hours everyday but still the flow needs to come especially while singing swarwas... Could you please....


E.Gayathri said...

Namasthey, I am not a Srividya Upasaka. But I spend the best part of my day in praying and learning as much as possible about religious practices, even if I cannot afford to follow a few methods as of now.
Kindly keep track of all the forthcoming slokas of Soundarya Lahari,I will certainly write about vocal and musical enhancement.My pleasure,Regards,Gayathri

mala said...

Dear mam,
After I read ur previous article which mentioned this slokam I start chanting this slokam daily 11 times.The meaning goes to say that the Goddess is the jeevanadi of Kameshwaran who lives in the Manipuraka chakra of a person.
with love

SAI<=>MUSIC said...


Thanks a lot for the response and I will definitely keep track of the posts.I would actually like to thank you a lot,because, reading something like this just gives me some hope and positivity, especially when I am stressed out or in a bit of emotional distress. The topics remind me the higher or rather the highest purpose when I(we, in general)entangled in the web of daily life which is nothing but a result of Prarabdha karma. Thanks a lot and do keep posting as it is a valuable service you are offering.


E.Gayathri said...

Dear Mrs. Mala, You are right about your observation. Thank you again, With love, Gayathri

E.Gayathri said...

Dear Sri Sai, Namasthey,
I am happy to be of such service. You are quite right about all of us being entangled in our 'Praarabdha Karmas.'
There are many slokas for various benefits, I am happy to share the same with you. Regards, Gayathri

pak wan said...

Dear Sri Gayatri,
This shloka, as everyone can see, resembles buddhist deity Avalokiteshvara,
what are the symbolic meaning of the 'things'that the Devi here is seen to be holding?

Yours humbly,

anusha said...

Hello Gayathri,
Thank you for the valuable info. Should this be chanted for 45 days or 12 days? What does the bracket indicate. Also will without using yantra gives same results?