Tuesday, April 7, 2020


What makes Electric Veena playing easier?

SARASWATI VEENA (ACOUSTIC)- The tattwa of the player which  is picked up by Jack wood is conveyed to the bridge of the Veena. The player's breath control and abdominal (naabhi region of the player) muscle contractions in accordance with the tonal modulations the player wishes to produce results in the pressure of the fore and middle fingers of both hands. Consequently the strings are rubbed on the bridge in proportion to the pressure applied by the player. The bridge is therefore shaped according to the manodharma (thought pattern) of the player thereby transmitting the nature (tattwa) of the Veena player into the Veena. The process of fingers pressure naturally shapes and enhances the wholesome (wood-generated) resonance of the instrument. When an acoustic contact mike is attached to the Veena, the true tone of the Veena (wood and strings together) are amplified.

ELECTRIC VEENA (USAGE OF MAGNETIC MIKE)- Wood is ignored. Only the resonance of magnetic strings is picked up which is set and even. Tonal control depends upon mike system and not the breath control or abdominal muscle contractions of the player making it easier for magnetic mike users. This makes playing easier, adaptable and popular among the present generation.

An electric Veena player is identified by his/her brand of vidwat in the absence of the true tone of Saraswati Veena. 
An acoustic Veena player is mainly identified by his/her nature conveyed through the tone of Saraswati Veena. This results in the mutual enhancement of true tone and vidwat.

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