Sunday 9 May 2010

Karma control!

Above is an image of planet Mars

Mars has been in debilitation in Cancer for nearly 6 months (right from October 2009-May 26th 2010). Mars being a fiery planet, its debilitation generally causes world wide disturbances on the political arena, terrorism, aggressive tendencies in women and children (Cancer being a moon sign), crime rates and general violence. Thankfully Jupiter's transit in Pisces from May 2nd till Mars's departure from Cancer on May 26th could slow down the aggressive Mars, the fifth aspect of Jupiter on Mars is most welcomed by Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces signs.
No science is superior to God:-
"Sooryendubhouma Budhavaakpathi Kaavya Souri
Swarbhaanukethu Divishathparishathpradaanaa
Twaddaasa Daasa Charamaavadhi Daasadaasa
Sri Venkatachalapathey! Thava Suprabhaatham!"
The sloka above (from Sri Venkateswara Suprabhaatham) states that all the planets are subservient to the Lord, directed and maneuvered by Him While unconditionally accepting the above, astrology could still be viewed as a very relevant science. The Law of Karma being the determining factor behind the planetary alignment in one's natal chart, I strongly believe that our good deeds could strengthen the weak planets in our natal charts, likewise sins and bad deeds could contaminate the best 'yoga' in one's natal charts.
A business man who ran into tough times and bankruptsy knew just how to get his fortune back. He simply shut down everything (his residence and his business) and went away to a lepers' colony to serve them. He spent nearly 6 months serving the lepers dedicatedly. On his return, he found that his business not only picked up momentum rapidly, but flourished like never before!
Even small gestures add upto good Karma. A simple smile invokes good karma! Regardless of whether it is a salesperson from a famous brand name, hellbent on demonstrating his vacuum cleaner and water filter (never mind if you don't want to buy it, he is only obsessed with demonstrating the item), or the innumerable couriers you have sign for in a day - wedding invitations ,arangetram invitations etc. etc.,umpteen wrong numbers one receives on the landline, the servant not turning up on one of your crucial days, the list is too long to complete; the bottomline is-SMILE kindly at everybody! It is true that even a frown or a minor show of irritation (that could hurt many sensitve souls like me) adds up to bad karma. Smile even when you are simmering within. After all, doesn't every religion demand the same thing? Smiling comes easily when you know that it can lessen the intensity of a bad planet in your natal chart!
Serving a cause, a sickly person, keeping company with a lonely person, offering solace and comfort to destitutes, emotionally deprived and abused people, being generally kind, helpful etc. nullifies bad planetary alignment and their consequences in one's natal chart.
The following are the best ways to get out of misfortune:
1)Healing a sick person (it could be through Pranic or Reiki, charging a reasonable fee for healing is perfectly alright).
2)Feeding a hungry or an under nourished person.
3)Offering shelter.
4)Keeping company with old and neglected people and orphans.
5) Serving handicapped or terminally ill people.
General patience, kindness, generosity, love and warmth contribute towards enhancing one's fortune in life! Not to mention that optimism and positive thinking literally eradicate doshas from one's natal chart.
This posting started with the lengthy transit of debilitated Mars in Cancer, to enter Leo on May 26th and to stay there till July 20th, 2010. How is it going to be for the 12 moon signs while Mars transits Leo?

Mesha Rasi (transit in 5th house)
(Aswini 4 padams, Bharani 4 padams, Krittika 1st padam):-
Fever, futile and unnecessary worries, if having progeny, anxiety due to them. Misunderstandings and clashes with one's children, strife and jealousy.

Vrishabha Rasi (transit in 4th house)-(Krittika 3 padams, Rohini 4 padams and Mrigasira 2 padams):-
Lack of happiness and peace, loss of position and humiliation. Mother should be taken care of.

Mithuna Rasi (transit in 3rd house)- (Mrigasira 2 padams, Ardra 4 padams, Punarvasu 3 padams):-
Happiness through victory, success and enjoyment. Extremely favourable transit.

Kataka Rasi (transit in 2nd house)-(Punarvasu 1 padam, Pushyami 4 padams, Aslesha 4 padams):-
Loss of wealth, aggressive speech, arguments and quarrels.

Simha Rasi (transit in 1st house)- (Makham 4 padams, Poorva Phalguni 4 padams, Uttara Phalguni 1 padam):-
Dejection and separation from loved ones. Blood impurities and diseases related to the same.

Kanya Rasi (transit in 12th house)-(Uttara Phalguni 3 padams, Hastha 4 padams, Chittha 2 padams):-
Misunderstandings with wife, quarrels and lack of sleep, restlessness of mind, tiresome travels to distant places.

Thula Rasi (transit in 11th house)-(Chittha 2 padams, Swathi 4 padams, Vishakha 3 padams):-
Financial gains, freedom from diseases, gaining properties, contentment and good health.

Vrischika Rasi (transit in 10th house) ( Vishakha 1 padam, Anuradha 4 padams, Jyeshta 4 padams):-
Obstacles in work, tedious works, health problems, generally unfavourable transit.

Dhanush Rasi (transit in 9th house)- (Moola 4 padams, Poorvashadha 4 padams, Uttarashadha 1 padam):-
Humiliation, loss of position, tremendous body weakness, wastage of dhatus in body and energy and dispirited attitude.

Makara Rasi (transit in 8th house)- (Uttarashadha 3 padams, Shravana 4 padams, Dhanishta 2 padams):-
Insults, travel to distant places, loss of wealth, problems due to debts, blood impurities and bodily sickness.

Kumbha Rasi (transit in 7th house)- (Dhanishta 2 padams, Sathabhisha 4 padams, Poorvabhadra 3 padams):-
Loss of conjugal happiness, uterus related problems for women, problems regarding food and clothing, untimely food, eye diseases, misunderstandings with one's family.

Meena Rasi (transit in 6th house)-(Poorvabhadra 1 padam, Uttarabhadra 4 padams, Revathi 4 padams):-
Victory over enemies, freedom from diseases, conducting religious and auspicious functions, gain of wealth, success in all fields, fame, general happiness and enthusiasm. Excellent transit.

Mars being a fiery planet, the results due to its transit in unfavourable houses may sound a little scary, but as long as we know that karma depends upon our actions and that natal charts are ever changeable through attitude and behaviour, there is no cause for worrying!!
P.S:To appease Mars, prayers to Lord Subrahmanya Swami, fasting on Tuesdays and "Angarakam" in Surati are recommended.

While on Mars, the famous saying, "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus" has a contrary functioning when it comes to instant attraction and chemistry between man and woman. It is Venus in the man's chart and Mars in the woman's chart and their respective placements in mutual charts that are given primary importance in determining mutual attraction. Woman's Mars and Man's Venus in conjunction, opposition or mutual squares (kendras) cause deadly attraction and magnetic pull towards each other. In such cases the benevolent aspect of man's Jupiter on woman's Mars safe guards the woman's position, by leading to matrimony in most cases.