Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Real World

                                       REAL WORLD

Want to escape to some hill resort?! Find yourself instantly in a hill resort by keeping off from the MOBile and from getting trapped in interNET. Deactivate whatSAPp which saps pranic energy. Come out of the traffic. Enjoy the serenity and silence away from meaningless forwards, greetings and worse still- wasteful conversations that deepen into controversies...misunderstandings... heart aches.... Choose to look at the real world which is in and around oneself. The amazing gift of God is in and around us. For human beings in 'kaliyuga' addiction to interNET is an added test to the list of attachments to material relations.

Using interNET for anything else other than work, that too for long hours stunts the pranic flow of energy. Derive natural energy from within and surroundings. Nurture the pranic energy to carry forward to an ideal afterlife........

Sunday, June 19, 2022




Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Music and Mind


Manodharma sangeetham is the spontaneous musical creation of a musician. Manodharma sangeetham is also about bhava-laden rendition of the divine compositions left behind by great yesteryear composers.

Carnatic music is essentially a medium that projects Hindu religion and spirituality through a musical format. The celebrated composer trio Saint Thyagaraja, Sri Mutthuswami Dikshithar and Sri Syamasastri have not only attained moksha through their own compositions, they have also left behind gems of their works for artistes and listeners for the purpose of soul-elevation. Therefore an ideal manodharma springs from a devotion-filled mind.

The beauty of carnatic music lies in its multiple dimensions. It is easily one of world's most intellectual subjects which is essentially soul-elevating.

Soulful manodharma that springs out of a devotional mind has the capacity to elevate not only oneself, but also the listener. 

In few instances an experienced performer may pull off a stage performance based on technical grooming. In such cases listeners are in awe of the aritste's larger-than-life-image and charisma acquired through years of fame and success. In these cases staleness of music is accepted with loyalty.

Listeners may be surprised to know that music is all about soul which  has an edge over technical expertise. 

Inconsistency is one of the many characteristics of a natural musician.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Exhilarating trip to Kuladeivam temple in Echambadi


This ancient temple is situated in Echambadi village, near Pallipattu, 117kms from Chennai.

Sunday, May 22, 2022



 Five planets stare at Scorpio zodiac sign on the 27th of June, 2022. Scorpio comes under the heavy scrutiny of the 10th aspect of Saturn from its own sign Capricorn, the 9th aspect of Jupiter from its own sign Pisces, the 7th aspect of Venus from its own sign Taurus and Moon from its sign of exaltation Taurus and the 8th aspect of Mars from its own sign Aries (while crossing its 'gandanta' period). It has to be noted that Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are in their own signs while Moon is in its sign of exaltation during the 5-planets-aspect of Scorpio impacting natives with last pada Visakha, Anuradha and Jyeshta nakshatras. Scorpio which is owned by Mars is strengthened further by the 8th aspect of Mars. The 'gandanta' period of Mars while aspecting Scorpio (with the added burden of Chandrashtama for Scorpio during Mars's 'gandanta') and Mars-Rahu conjunction periods are the durations of concern for Scorpio natives (last pada of Vishakha, Anuradha and Jyeshta natives).

Moon, owing to its short transit moves out from its exaltation in Taurus on 28th June at 5:33 AM releasing Scorpio from its direct glare. From Taurus Moon moves to Gemini, forming the 'Chandrashtama' for Scorpio (Moon in 8th house). 

The Mars gandanta period continues from June 27th (as it enters Aswini 1st pada in Aries at 6:00AM). The gandanta of Mars ends at 3:20 degrees in Aries, somewhere between the first and second padas of Aswini in Aries. It's noteworthy that throughout the period of 'gandanta' and the 8th aspect of Mars on Scorpio,  this zodiac sign also comes under the heaviness of 'Chandrashtama', which is the transit of Moon in the 8th house (from June 28th 5:33AM onwards to June 30th 6:23PM).

Jupiter's benevolent Grace through its 9th aspect from Pisces and the strong 10th aspect of Saturn from its own house Aquarius provide ample cushioning to Scorpio due to Mars's gandanta 8th aspect (until till Mars crosses the first 3:20 degrees of Aries).

Another point of concern is the close conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the watery Venus-owned Bharani nakshatra in the third week of July 2022. The fiery Mars is aggravated by the shadowy planet Rahu while casting its 8th aspect on Scorpio through its gandanta and Rahu-conjunction transits. Another point to note is that the Sun enters watery Cancer (on July 16th at 11:11PM) which is already under the heavy 4th aspect of Mars influenced by Rahu. 

Mars, a yogakaraka planet for Cancer casts its benevolent 4th aspect on Cancer.  Points of concern for Cancer natives are Sun's entry into Cancer, Mars's 'gandanta' 4th aspect and Mars-Rahu conjunctions. While Cancer enjoys Jupiter's 5th aspect, Saturn's presence in Aquarius is a bitter reminder of Ashtama Shani.

Mars-Rahu conjunction comes under the heavy 3rd aspect of Saturn from its own sign Aquarius.

Prayers to Lord Narasimha Swami and Lord Subrahmanya Swami offer relief for all, especially for Cancer, Libra and Scorpio natives.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The Konnakkol King

Percussion Wizard late Sri. T.H.Subhash Chandran's performing in his God-gifted voice tailor made for konnakkol. The 'naadam' (resonance, pranic energy) of his voice arises from the base of his Deiva Veena (spinal chord) aided by a fully-activated kundalini and channelized through his divine konnakkol.

Sunday, May 8, 2022


Electrifying display on mridangam by Vidwan Sri.T.R.S.Manikandan and his student Anirudh Raj. (LISTEN WITH PHONES)

Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Veena recorded acoustically for the title music of Tamil film- BHADRAKALI (year-1976)

Friday, March 11, 2022

My roots.....

LEFT TO RIGHT- MR.L.MAHESH-treasurer, MR. JONAH- general secretary, MR.DHINA-President of Cine Musicians Union

4th March, 2022- Overwhelmingly happy to get back to my roots. Cine Musicians' Union (affiliated to FILM EMPLOYEES FEDERATION OF SOUTH INDIA) presented me with Honorary Membership. As the youngest member of Cine Musicians' Union (from March 1970), it was simply great to receive the Honorary Membership after half a century, from the field that gave me immense knowledge.


Real World

                                       REAL WORLD Want to escape to some hill resort?! Find yourself instantly in a hill resort by keeping o...