Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lake Shrine, Santa Monica

The ashram of Pujyasri Paramahamsa Yogananda near Santa Monica. After a memorable drive from San Diego, via Santa Monica to Malibu to visit the Balaji Temple and back to San Diego via Lake Shrine, situated close to Santa Monica.......

Friday, July 12, 2013

Subtle body.... a foreign view....

"In the terminology of certain Eastern teachings the first body is the 'carriage'
(body), the second body is the 'horse' (feelings, desires), the third the 'driver' (mind),
and the fourth the 'master' (I, consciousness, will).
"Such comparisons and parallels may be found in most systems and teachings
which recognize something more in man than the physical body. But almost all these
teachings, while repeating in a more or less familiar form the definitions and divisions
of the ancient teaching, have forgotten or omitted its most important feature, which is:
that man is not born with the finer bodies, and that they can only be artificially
cultivated in him provided favorable conditions both internal and external are present.
"The 'astral body' is not an indispensable implement for man. It is a great luxury
which only a few can afford. A man can live quite well without an 'astral body.' His
physical body possesses all the functions necessary for life. A man without 'astral
body' may even produce the impression of being a very intellectual or even spiritual
man, and may deceive not only others but also himself." A famous Russian philosopher.


RADHASHTAMI - 23rd September, 2023