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Veena wali Radhe

One day Radha and Krishna are playing together in a kunja when Krishna faints out of ecstasy. No matter what Radha tries, She can not bring Krishna back to His senses. The boat-like mind of enchanting Mohana has sunk in the bottomless ocean of Sri Radha's beauty and sweetness. Radha is desperate. She cannot find anyone who can pull Krishna out of this deep ocean-like swoon. Then Tulasi, who sits outside with her back against the wall of the kunja, begins to sing a beautiful song. When Krishna hears this song about Radha’s sweetness, He slowly comes back to His senses and becomes fit again to continue the loveplay. These songs cannot be taught in the presence of the sakhis, therefore they are taught within the caves of Govardhana Hill.
The subject of these songs are the various pastimes of Rasaraja Krishna and Madanakhya Mahabhavavati Sri Radha. Radha Herself is the subject of these songs, so She can't sing them Herself to bring Krishna back to life. A third person is necessary, and a maidservant of Sri Radha is the most fitting person to do it. Of all maidservants, Tulasi is again most intimate with Sri Radha, so Radha calls her into a cave of Govardhana Hill to teach her these intimate songs in different tunes. This is the limit of human perfection, the great gift of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
Now Radha will examine if Tulasi has properly learned the songs. This examination is also so wonderful! The cave of Govardhana Hill is like a wonderful temple of play. Radha takes a veena in Her hand and teaches a sweet song. The song itself is endlessly sweet and on top of that there is Radha’s own nectarine voice. This sound attracts Krishna, who comes close and stares through a slit in the cave at the beauty of Radha’s form. She is there alone with Tulasi. Her head is not covered by Her veil and Her fingers, that defeat the beauty of golden Champaka-buds, twang the strings of the veena. Along with the strings of the veena She twangs the strings of Krishna’s heart! How wonderfully Her jewelled rings are blazing on Her golden fingers! It is as if Her beauty and sweetness comes gushing out of Her limbs!
Krishna is enchanted by Her lovely nectarine voice and can’t hide Himself anymore. He approaches slowly and enters into the cave as if He is enchanted by some mantra. Seeing Krishna, Radha at once stops singing, puts the veena away and quickly pulls Her veil over Her head. Gravely She says: "Krishna! Are You here?” Syama says: “What song have You taught to Tulasi?” Radha : “What’s that to You? Tulasi! Let us hear what song You have learned!” Tulasi takes the veena in her hand and begins to sing. How wonderful is the prowess of Tulasi, the object of Radha’s affection! She has learned the song after one single hearing. It is as if the song takes shape before Their eyes. Krishna does not hear a song -- He relishes Radha’s sweetness. Krishna is enchanted and sits down next to Radha to listen. Tulasi asks: “Did I pass the examination?” Radha and Krishna praise Tulasi!
Sloka No 49:-May Sri Radha, who, taking the sweet sounding Madhumathi Veena in Her hand, and then singing many songs describing Her pastimes with the crest jewel of lovers, suddenly bursts into tears, appear in my heart!
Sloka No 58:-When, on the Yamuna's shore, will I meet Sri Radha, as, like a passionate female elephant meeting e regal male elephant in the forest, She wealthy in musical skill, sweetly plays the veena as Krishna plays the fifth raga on His celestial flute?
A disciple of Srila Rupa Goswami's select verses indicating Sri Radha's expertise in veena:-
Meaning:-Her transcendental breasts are covered by Her saree in the form of affection and anger towards Krishna. She has a stringed instrument known as a 'Kachchapi-veena', which is the fame and fortune that actually dries up the faces and breasts of the other Gopis!(Sloka No.47)
Meaning:-In a forest courtyard by a lake, Radha played Her veena as Her friends sang sweetly. Pleased by Her musical skills,Krishna suddenly kissed the embarrassed Radha.(Sloka No.117)
Kalayonmadhya madhavam
smithva haritha-tad-venu
hara smera-visakhaya."
Meaning:-As a smiling Radha charms Madhava with Her exceptional music skills, smiling Visakha (one of the eight closest gopika friends [Ashta Sakhis] of Sri Radha )steals Krishna's garland and flute! (Sloka No.120)
Meaning:-The sound of Radha's veena makes Krishna tremble and the flute slips from His hand. The tinkling of Her bracelets and ornaments makes Him forget His own body and the path that leads to His home. (Sloka No.121)
Among Radha’s innumerable transcendental attributes, She has twenty-five principal qualities. 1) Radha is very sweet and most charming to look at; 2) Radha is adolescent and always freshly youthful; 3) Radha’s eyes are doe-like and restless; 4) Sri Radha’s face is smiling and every blissful; 5) Auspicious, beautiful lines adorn Sri Radha’s lotus hands and feet; 6) Radha maddens Krishna with Her fragrant bodily aroma; 7) Sri Radha is the most exceptional singer and veena player; 8) Radha’s words are charming and pleasing; 9) Radha is expert at telling jokes that delight Krishna; 10) Sri Radha is exceptionally humble; 11) Radha is the embodiment of mercy and compassion; 12) Sri Radha’s intelligence and wit surpasses all; 13) Radha is expert at performing all activities of love; 14) Shyness is the shining gem in Radha’s character; 15) Sri Radha is the beacon light of modesty and never swerves from the path of honesty; 16) Radha is never perturbed by worldly sorrow or misery; 17) Sri Radha has unbounded gravity and sublimity; 18) Radha is ever fascinated to unite Herself with Krishna; 19) Radha possesses Mahabhava, the highest sentiments of love; 20) Radha is the reservoir of loving affairs in Gokula; 21) Radha’s transcendental glories are shining in all the worlds; 22) Sri Radha is most affectionate to her superiors; 23) Radha is submissive to the love of Her senior girlfriends; 24) Radha is the chief among Krishna’s gopi lovers; 25) Radha always keeps Sri Krishna under Her control. Krishna submissively obeys Radha’s command.


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