Monday, June 18, 2012

Tantra in daily life (Part 11)

To begin with here is what each house from the Ascendant (Lagna) to the 12th house represents:-

First House (Ascendant or Lagna):- The first house represents the native's physical appearance, name, fame, limbs, disposition, life, soul, character, wisdom, birth, habits, aptitude, temperament, activity, age, strength, stature, health, happiness, complexion, beauty, way of life, colour of hair, head, weakness, politics, knowledge, splendour, place of birth etc.

Second House:-The second houses represents face, family, wealth, domestic happiness, eyes, speech, thoughts, prosperity, memory, pleasure, loss or gain, food, learning, intelligence, cunning, savings, anger, monetary affairs, personal property, fortunes, relations, fixed temperament, jewels, inauguration, metals, observation, right eye, persons under protection, tongue, nails, silver, gold, precious gems, passion, modesty, miserliness, comfort and taste, financial position, in-laws etc.

Third House:- The third house signifies courage, brothers, anger, ears, neck, meals, skill, patience, sisters, friends, neighbours, travels, cousins, ornaments, improvement, enterprise, clothing, steadiness, war, difficulty in obtaining food, power, instruction, help, medicine, right arm, voice, servants, subordinates, power of hearing, diseases in the ear, gold and siver vessels, heroic deeds, capacity, ability, courage, battle, meekness, skill and longevity of life, speech, writing, correspondence, communication, media-related affairs, family etc.

Fourth House:-The fourth house fundamentally signifies mother, land, houses, education, relations, happiness, conveyance besides tanks, cows, cattle, gardens, agriculture, comfort, lineage, residence, inheritance, water, travels, milk, palace, clothes, falsehood, true words, distant relatives, property, fields, benevolence, art, stores, fort, 'mandap', flower gardens, heart, friends, things in the bottom, nectar, mental qualities, the end of life and things, reputation, popularity, love for one's work, scents, perspiration, oil-baths, ornaments etc.

Fifth House:- The fifth house denotes sons, daughters, intellect, creative intelligence, 'poorva punya'('Karma'accumulated in previous birth), mantras, speculation, lottery, gambling, pleasures, enterprise, investments, mind, discrimination, reasoning, father, honour, religion, precepts, joy, worship of household deities, belly, stomach, modesty, charity, hearing, feeding, merrymaking, drinking, eating, firm disposition, inheritance, father's generosity, genealogy, post of a minister, advice, skill, care and caution, memory, secrecy, pride, good conduct, cooking, bathing, physical pleasures, love affairs, promiscuity etc.

Sixth House:-The sixth house fundamentally signifies enemies, diseases, debts, imprisonment besides relations, servants, inferiors, small pets, wounds, troubles, obstacles, difficulties in getting food, sorrow, misery, poverty, maternal relations, fear, boils, stepmother, fear of shame, good food, theft, superstitions, injuries by weapons, cousins from paternal side, calamities through women, intimidation, vengeance, bad habits, diabetes, recovery from illness, benefit through servants etc.

Seventh House:- The seventh house mainly signifies marriage, description of spouse (wife/husband), generosity, lust, respect, enjoyment, partnership, lawsuits, adultery, death, public enemies, holy places, speculation, love affairs, immorality, desires, sunset, trade, forgetfulness, voyage, loss in livelihood or occupational hazard, love of betel, dealings with the opposite sex, public affairs, opponents, obstacles during travel, losing one's way, sexual conduct, genital organs (private parts), marital discord, music, dance, patronage from ruling circles, duration of wife's life, freedom, character, daily earnings, litigation etc.

Eighth House:- The eighth house fundamentally signifies longevity, sin, sorrow, hell, rebirth besides legacies, personal property of spouse, nature of death, happiness with regard to food, venereal diseases, dowry, trouble, suddenly acquired wealth, loss through lotteries, occultism, clairvoyance, danger, chronic diseases, obstacles, uneasiness, loss of money, loss of limb, enmity, cruelty, dwelling houses as opposed to agricultural lands and hidden wealth, legacies and windfalls, gains through insurance and strangers, sexual organs etc.

Ninth House:-The ninth house fundamentally signifies Guru, preceptor, father, dharma, virtuous deeds, prosperity, spiritual practices besides faith, medicine, kindness, benevolence, bathing in holy rivers, morality, purity of mind, honour, credit, ceremonies, father's possession, luck and spiritual learning, good company, good conduct, public beneficence, fame, meritorious acts, wealth, irrigation, fertile fields and desires, happiness through wealth, divine favours, brother and sister-in-law, grandchildren, future, general welfare, long journeys, foreign travel, study of philosophy and art, religious and legal affairs, intuition and interest in occult etc.

Tenth House:- The tenth house mainly represents profession, karma, living, kingdom, authority besides fame, trade, clothes, employment, honour, credit, reputation, activity, charity, meals, deeds, persons in power and authority, cultivation, medicine, loss of honour, punishment, prices, treasures, titles, preferment, business and success, gifts, presents, athletes, public goods, pride, mercy, wisdom, mendicancy, fortitude, worship, concentration, residing in foreign lands and countries, knowledge, rank and status, treasure-trove, adopted son, mother-in-law, service, renunciation and spiritual acts, success in life, position, prestige, promotion for those in services, moral standards, long-distance travels etc.

Eleventh House:- The eleventh house fundamentally signifies gains, profits, earning by self, elder sibling besides friends, hopes, wishes, mother's prosperity, sisters, miserliness, income, cooking, left ear, slandering, acquisitions, legs, worship, son-in-law, paternal uncle, patrimony, dependence, insight, vehicles, power to overcome obstacles, loss of wealth, total income, clothes, friends and business partnership, success in business etc.

Twelfth House:- The twelfth house mainly represents losses, expenditure and 'moksha'(soul-liberation) besides bad deeds, travels, secret enemies, sorrow, imprisonment, sin, spending, inflicting physical troubles, difficulties, defamation, mental anxiety, misfortunes, loss of sleep, misery, dignity, deep occultism, sacrifice, left eye, prosperity in profession, self-destination (life after death), tribulation, affliction, defect in organs, derangement of brain or mind, sale of carriages and houses, distress, backbiters, assassination, treason, suicide, journey, settling abroad, disputes, waste of money, adultery, pleasures of bed, luxuries, generosity, true happiness, gains through adversaries, gains through religious, charitable and public institutions etc.

How to maneuver Dasas (planetary periods) to avert evil effects or to enhance a good dasha for obtaining optimum results?

(To be continued.........)



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