Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tantra in daily life (Part 12)

"How to maneuver your 'dasha' according to your needs?"

Life is all about balancing. To gain something one has to give up something. It depends on what each one wants to gain while losing something in the bargain!
In the case of manipulating a dasha  (of a particular house) according to our requirements, we are free to highlight any desired aspect of the concerned house by discarding or underplaying most of the other qualities or tendencies of that house.

 For eg., in the case of a native who is under the influence of a dasha of a planet which owns or occupies the third house from the Ascendant (lagna) (or the planet could also have a strong influence over the third house) the first step would be to study the tendencies and results of the third house (as given below).
The native should then focus on whichever aspect he considers as his  primary requirement in order to highlight the same. The native's requirement or need of the hour could be a) enterprise; b)winning battle; c)journalism or d)public address/ e)artistic performance. The next step the native has to take is to diminish other areas of the house in order to highlight the desired aspect of that house (marked as a), b), c), d) and e)). Since food and meals are important aspects of the third house, it would help if the native avoids rich food, usage of gold or silver vessels, unnecessary speech ('mouna vratham' would be ideal), rich dressing etc and  loud jewelry. He/she could explore to any depths to find out effective ways to curb irrelevant areas of the house in order to extract optimum results of the desired dimension of the house. The same applies to all the 12 houses.
Third House signifies:- The third house signifies courage, brothers, anger, ears, neck, meals, skill, patience, sisters, friends, neighbours, travels, cousins, ornaments, improvement, enterprise, clothing, steadiness, war, difficulty in obtaining food, power, instruction, help, medicine, right arm, voice, servants, subordinates, power of hearing, diseases in the ear, gold and siver vessels, heroic deeds, capacity, ability, courage, battle, meekness, skill and longevity of life, speech, writing, correspondence, communication, media-related affairs, family etc.



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