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(Photograph of Moonstone )

Gems are not only precious, they can be semi-precious too! Gems and crystals are terrific energy-carriers. People who believe in the benefits of gems generally tend to overlook the importance of cleansing and energising the gem or crystal they wear on their body. The open-back style (for the rays of the gems to fall on the finger related to the corresponding mount)finger rings are meant for astrological purposes. Such rings are prone to dust and fungus collection between the metal and the gem behind the ring. Bad energies gather around fungus and dust collection, blocking the positive vibrations of the stone! Consequently the gem fails to yield the expected good results and gradually may even bring negativity into the life of the wearer.
Washing the rings with ordinary soap water is recommended. To clean the insides thoroughly, keep aside a new,unused toothbrush, which will ensure that every particle of dust and fungus is removed from the open-set ring. To energise, the rings have to be immersed in a copper glass of fresh water overnight. It is also recommended to wash the same in milk (unboiled). Finally incense sticks are used to energise the rings further.
Even the most beneficial gems operate effectively when they are worn periodically. Constant and continuous wear of the same gem-ring tends to gradually slow down to zero-activity. This could happen for apparently no reason, but the fact remains the same! By using it periodically (alternate between wearing for a month, or two weeks or 10 days to keeping it aside for a week , ten days, one fortnight or even a month!) the wearer gains the added benefit of experiencing a fresh surge of positivity, boosting his morale as well as his prosperity!
In a discussion with a gem specialist, I learnt that the wearer would attain instant wealth (money in the form of a bonus, gift or even lottery) by wearing or keeping a Garnet close to his body! But using the same stone for a longer period than the required amount of time could produce ulcers in the stomach, or any other abdominal problem! He even said the required period of using the Garnet varies from one person to another and it is difficult to determine the exact duration suitable for different individuals.
I also learnt that the usage of American diamond helps in weight reduction! Pearl and Moonstone are the friends of women. These stones set in an open ring (of gold or silver) are best worn on the index finger. Even though the index finger is identified with the mount of Jupiter and recommended for usage of Jupiter related stones like Yellow Saphire or Topaz, this finger is most suited for the usage of Pearl and Moonstone essentially because certain nerves of this finger are directly connected to the brain! The lustre, coolness and tranquility of Pearl or Moonstone when worn on index finger are transmitted to the brain, the effect of which is startlingly evident within just one week of using the stone. The wearer gets sound sleep, there is an added lustre in the countenance and complexion of the wearer and a general feeling of well-being. The negative aspect of continuous usage of either Pearl or Moonstone is hyper-senstivity. It makes the wearer highly emotional and touchy to the point of breaking into tears at the drop of a hat! Moon being the karaka of mind, its stones,Pearl and Moonstone naturally influence the mind.Whenever this point of touchiness is reached, it is advisable to remove the stone and keep it aside for a while. The best way to energise Pearl or Moonstone is by immersing them in a cup of purified water (not tap water) and keeping them exposed to the rays of a full-moon. For that matter, all other gems also benefit from energising in a similar manner. Pearl and Moonstone are representatives of the Goddess Herself! Most of the slokas of Soundarya Lahari compare Goddess to the moon and Her lustre to that of a Moonstone!
Moonstone brings out psychic abilities in people. Moonstone helps in heightening intuition and also fulfills wishes. For people suffering from insomnia, Moonstone is ideal. Even if it is not worn on the index finger, it could be held in the palm of the hand or kept under the pillow to drift into a dreamless slumber!
For anybody into gardening, they would see miraculous results by watering plants wearing a Moonstone pendant or carrying the stone close to the body. It is even better if the water runs down over the Moonstone and onto the plants for abundant growth and fertility!
It is highly recommended to carry a Moonstone in the shirt pocket to one's own business venue or for meetings to ensure maximum productivity!
The Moon Dasa (Chandra Dasa) and natives who belong to Kataka Rasi (Punarvasu 4th Padam, Pushyami, all the 4 Padams and Aslesha, all the four Padams) are generally advised to wear Pearl or Moonstone. This is a safe stone that can be used by anybody!
For people who believe in idealistic stuff, here is the method for wish fulfillment through Moonstone: Place a Moonstone on the palm of your hand and whisper your wish to it.Keep it exposed to the rays of a full moon and let it remain there till the next full moon, the moon will ensure that your wish gets fulfilled!
Diamonds and Blue Saphires are extremely potent stones capable of yielding remarkably good or bad results. It is always advisable to test them before buying them, like placing them under the pillow during night time and holding them close to the body during daytime. Princess Diana lost her precious life within hours of wearing a Diamond Solitaire gifted by Dodi Fayed.

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