Friday, October 8, 2010

Rama Nama.

"Ram" has more than one application in Sanskrit. It is the "Beeja Mantra" (seed sound) for the manipura chakra (solar plexus chakra). Manipura could be translated as "City of jewels". Meditation on this chakra yields occult powers and this is one of the important chakras responsible for radiating 'prana' or life-force energy throughout the body.
By reciting the mantra, 'RAM' the manipura chakra is activated to be able to handle the flow of kundalini energy.
Secondly, 'Ra' and 'Ma' that forms the name 'Rama' are interpreted as follows: 'Ra' which is associated with the solar energy flows through the right side of the human body whereas 'Ma' which is associated with lunar energy flows through the left side of the human body. Repeating the mantra, 'RAMA' (even mentally) one is able to balance the solar and lunar energies for sound mental and physical health. Sidhdhi of Rama Nama blesses the entity with spiritual powers and elevation of soul.

Following are 3 powerful Rama Mantras:-

1)Om Namo Bhagavathey Raghunandanaaya Rakshognya Vishadaaya Madhura Prasanna Vadanaaya Amithatheyjasey Balaaya Raamaaya Vishnavey Namaha Om!!

The above sloka if recited one lakh times will grant "mantra-siddhi".

2)Om Kleem Namo Bhagavathey Raamachandraaya sakalajana vashyakaraaya Swaaha!!Above sloka is meant for general success and attraction.

3)Dasha Raama Naama Sthothram:-

Dhyaayaami RAAMA MabhiRAAMA
GiRAAMAranda DhaaRAAMAdhagna
MithaRAAMA MareyrviRAAMAm
AaRAAMA Madbhutha ThaRAAMAlasadgunaanaam
GhoRAAMAyagnya MasuRAAMAravandithaanghrim!!
The above if recited yields the benefit of chanting the powerful name of Lord Rama ten times within one sloka,


sanjay said...

excellent! but solar chakra sound is " rum " not ram as in Rama.

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Mr. Sanjay,
You are right, I meant only that, maybe I could have spelt it as "Rum". Thank you!


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