Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tantra in daily life (Part 3)

Dasami thithi comes bang after the trying duo of Ashtami/ Navami. "Ashtami Navamulu Kashtapu Dinamulu", my mother keeps repeating my grand father's words, which means, "Ashtami Navami are difficult days". It is believed from times of yore that these two days that come one after the other are filled with negativity and therefore subject mankind to unexpected difficulties through obstacles and misfortune. Sri Rama Navami and Sri Krishna Ashtami are reminders that Divinity is all encompassing, leaving no scope for negativity. I also associate Ashtami with "Durga Ashtami" and Navami with Nava Durga.
An elderly priest once advised me to have oil baths on Dasami thithis. This practice (of having oil bath on Dasami thithi) would remove all negativity/misfortune subsequently yielding peace, joy and prosperity to the practitioner. Since Dasami comes right after Ashtami/Navami, it is possible that through oil bath we are cleansing by way of oil bath all the accumulated negativity of the previous two days! It doesn't harm to even give the house a thorough cleaning or changing the linen on a Dasami.
While on Durga, the Guardian Angel, (lexigram/anagram of DURGA is GUARD), it is advisable to stick Her picture on the main entrance door to ward off evil and negativity. The powerful image of Goddess Durga on the main door offers protection to the residents inside the house.
Even if spirituality is all about elevated thinking and contemplation of God, a simple practice in daily life brings about an instant rejuvenation of mind and life in general. If one's pooja room consists of very few photographs of Gods and Goddesses, the task would be simpler. Better still, if there is only one photograph or a just a couple of more God photos in the prayer room. More the photos, tougher the task!
Wash the photos (if difficult to remove, just wipe with a wet cloth and then with a dry cloth) clean. Make a wet paste of sandalwood powder. With devotion mark the key points of Gods'/Goddesses' images which are the forehead (between eyebrows), all the hands and feet, heart region with the sandal paste. On top of the paste stick red kumkum/vermillion. This procedure instantly cleanses, energises amd enhances the divinity of the act/subject and the doer, merging them into one. The resulting divinity and prosperity has to be enjoyed to be believed!
(To be continued...........)


orientmurali said...

Nice. The words were so child-like, like you still look!

Veenaagayathri said...

Oh...thank you!!

Kalyaani said...

"lexigram/anagram of DURGA is GUARD"

Great Madam... for finding such a wonderful thing!
Very lovely post.
Kind regards

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Ms.Kalyaani, Thanks a lot!Kind regards

pk said...

i m from delhi and during the surfing i found your blog and find it very spiritual without doubt. i feel myself a cursed person without any kind of true devotion towards god. i want to change myself . but i did so many sinful acts i am ashamed to describe or talk could you kind enough to help me ? if you agree then i will send you all my details and plz found a way for me


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