Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tantra in daily life ( Part 13)

People have talked so much about raga therapy, nobody so far has talked about "sahithya therapy"!
 Just pick out the most beneficial ( to attain cherished goals/dreams and for addressing problems of any nature) stanza or a two from any krithi and improvise musically ( neraval) in first and second speeds.
To enhance beauty, attraction and virtues:- "Koti manmadha roopude sathguna sagara chandrude..." (Charanam of "Satileni...."Poorikalyani, misra chaapu, Ponnaiah Pillai.
To destroy enemies and protect oneself:-"Ravana Madhanam Rakshitha Bhuvanam........"(Charanam of Bhajare Manasa, Abheri, Adi, Mysore Vasudevachar).
To attain grace of Mother, Father, Guru and God:- "Thalli thandri guru deivamu neevani" (Charanam of Valli Nayakane, Shanmukhapriya, Adi, Muthaiah Bhagavathar).
To get rid of undesirable and bad company:- "Hiranmayeem Lakshmeem sada bhajami, heena maanavaashrayam thyajami..."(Pallavi of Hiranmayeem Lakshmeem, Lalitha, Rupakam, Muthuswami Dikshithar).
To achieve a goal:-"Saadhinchane O Manasa..." (Pallavi of Saadhinchane O Manasa, Pancharathnam in Arabhi, Adi, Thyagaraja Swami).
Repentance and seeking God's forgivance:- "Dudukugala..."(Pallavi of Dudukugala, Pancharathnam in Gowla, Adi, Thyagaraja Swami.
To discover or retrieve lost person or a cherished belonging:- "Kanugontini....."(Pallavi of Kanugontini, Bilahari, Adi, Thyagaraja Swami).
a)For beauty and grace, all krithis of Goddess Tripura Sundari, b)for valour and integrity krithis of Lord Rama, c)for attracting crowds krithis of Lord Krishna, d)for attracting wealth and prosperity, krithis of Goddess Lakshmi, e)for academic achievements krithis of Goddess Saraswathi...........


Unknown said...

Gayathri ji,

Your blog has inspired me to take up my veena after a break. I have realized the value of what I have and am practicing from basics.I feel extremely grateful to you for bringing music back into my life.

Veenaagayathri said...

I feel rewarded that you felt inspired enough to take up this divine instrument after a break. To me this is better than teaching/coaching...

Unknown said...


I feel so honored to receive a reply from you. You are an embodiment of all good things. I seek your blessings, for my veena sadhana. Please bless me so that my veena stays with me and the music grows in my life.

hemanth said...

Very nice madam

Pammi said...

Dear Madam,

Can we just recite the kirties you have mentioned as singing is impossible for some? Please add more mantras of Sri Krishna.

Thanking you,

Vasudev Vangara said...

Hi madam,
Hoe you are doing well...

well, i dont have your email so i m writing a comment here

My guru Smt Lakshmi's one of the student lost grip to play veena
she even passed diploma, and practiced for almost 11 years, now not able to play as skin became very sensitive

could you please suggest a soltion to this problem

Thank you
970 383 1819


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