Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Chi. Sumithra- True tone of Veena

I found this little one's (Chi.Sumithra) impressive rendition of a Pancharatnam on Veena at such a tender age  (on youtube). Purity of true, acoustic tone of her Veena were added features that caught my attention. May God bless her!

MAGNETIC PICKUP- Gives lot of gain in the amplifier. This pickup is sought after for providing artificial depth and continuity of tone, facility for gimmicks (usage of only left hand without plucking with right hand) and it picks up only strings and rejects the core of Veena which is jackfruit wood. Consequently the  Veena sounds like an electric guitar or a mandolin or a sitar.

ACOUSTIC PICKUP- Picks up the wholesomeness of true tone that comes from seasoned jackfruit wood. Tone is enhanced by the combined energies of the Veena player and the jackfruit wood. For details please  refer to -1) Miracles of Veena, 2) Grace of Veena, 3) Acupressure on Veena for tonal enhancement, 4) Eternal Grace, 5) Deiva Veena-Maanushi Veena, 6) Cruel act of dismantling Veena, 8) Veena/Gayathri Mantra/Upanishads,9) Veena Rahasya and 10) About the Veena in this blog.


Unknown said...

This little girl born and brought up in Melbourne and her mother, who is a doctor, also has been playing veena since she was young. The mother, a practising doctor, has brought up the girl true to the tradition of imparting our age old Indian culture. Above all, the guru for both of them is Melbourne based Iyer brothers [Ramnath and Gopinath Iyer], who have been living in Melbourne since late 80s, and have produced numerous carnatic vocalists and veena players over the years. The brothers themselves have been playing in Chennai music season for many years, as well as at Cleveland Aradhana few years ago.

Veenaagayathri said...

Thank you for the kind information! Very nice to know details regarding the little artist! I am very happy to know that Iyer brothers who are fine Veena vidwans are her Gurus, their mettle clearly reflecting through their disciple! My hearty greetings to the child and family!!


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