Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nada Yoga

Sri Saraswathi Mata,the Vak Devi:Goddess of speech and music,playing the veena(SARAS:river,flow,mother of all words and sounds).
VAK=The Voice Of God.VAK=VOX(Latin)=VOCE(Italian)=VOIX(French)=VOICE(English).
The Saraswathi-Rahasya Upanishad refers to the three phases of speech:para-pashyanthi-madhyama,which are beyond the superficial level of Vaikhari,the only one known by mortals.Sadhana is aspiration to know the secrets of speech beyond Vaikhari by purification of mind.When the faculties of the aspirant are sharpened by the sadhana;words uttered by him will be poetry to the world.He will be able to wield the power of words.
The unmanifested,unstruck divine melody or shabda is referred to as Kalma or Kalam in the Holy Quaran,in the Holy Bible as the Word or Logos.It is the sonorous light.The Sarosh of the Zoroastrians.The Akashvani or Devavani 0f the Hindus(Voice or music of the sky,Celestial Voice,Music of the Gods).The Divya-Dhwani of the Jains.It is also known by the saints as Vani(voice),Anahata-nada(unstruck sound or melody),Nada and Shabda(word and sound).
Muslim mystics called it Nida-i-asmani(call of the Firmament),Nida-i-Sultani(call of the Emperor),Bang-i-asmani(sound of the skies),Kalam-i-Elahi(word of God),Ism-e-Azam(The greatest divine name).Kabir and some saints have described Shabda or Naam as the invisible string along which the soul can climb back to the Lord.
According to Sundarar,Lord Siva is the embodiment of the Sapthaswaras,the seven notes.Appar said that spiritual freedom belongs to those who glorify Him as the being who vibrates through out the Universe and in every soul.Mannickavasagar exhorted Siva's devotees to "Behold Him Who is inherent in all sweet music in the veena!"
THE TAOISTS:Taoists were well aware of the fundamentalvibration of life,
Lu Yen says in his celebrated "Hundred -Character tablet,"You sit and listen to the stringless tune,you clearly understand the mechanism of creation!"Comments the great Chang San-Feng:"You hear the sound of the music of the immortals,and there are also the tones of bells and drums and the mind becomes open and clear.You see for myriad miles."
In Taoist meditation the sound of the thunder in the head(Thunder in the sky)is a sign of energy reaching the Upper Elixir Field.For the Taoists and the Indian Yogis alike,Thunder announces the coming of rain:
"Everywhere the sound of Thunder
Clouds assemble on the summit
Sweet dew bathes the polar mountain."(Lu Yen)
THE WORLD OF SHAMAN:The Sound Of Celestial Beauty(from:Dreamtime&Inner Space)
"We have seen that the apprentice,in the case of many Shamanic initiations spontaneously breaks into a song after his transpersonal experience.According to the findings of modern research,people who had near-death experiences heard what they described as music of the spheres,sounds of indescribable beauty that pervaded the whole atmosphere.In fact the atmosphere itself appeared to be pure sound.The experience of the environment as a vibration of sound,like other synaesthetic experiences,is a well known phenomenon of altered states of conciousness.
"Vani-Koti-mrudanga nada madana
Nishreni Koti dhwani praaneshi rasa-raashi mula kamalollaasaika poornaanana
Aashaadhodbhava megha-raji-janithadhavaantanana sthaayini maata sa paripaatu sookshma pathagaa maam yoginaam Shankari."
To hail Her(Kundalini) arise innumerable sounds(Koti-Nada)
Koti-Vani=innumerable voices
The sound of drums and other instruments
Emanating(nishreni)millions of resonances(Koti-dhwani)
Intoxicating in nature(madana)
Ruler of the Prana(praneshi)
Ocean of Rasa(elixir),rasarashi
Her face like a blooming lotus
Full of splendour(ullasa)
Her face is dark like the darkness of a multitude of clouds in the month of Ashadha.
She is the support of all.
Let that Mother (Kundalini)who travels the subtle path(sushumna)
Protect me from all sides!
When Maha Shakthi is pleased with a yogi,she gives rise in him divine sounds of kettledrum,mrudangam,veena,bells and so on,and makes him experience supreme bliss.


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