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Sri Ramana Maharishi /Nada Yoga

Arunachala Bhakta Bhagavat from "UNFORGETTABL-E DATES,"RAMANA MAHARISHI'S MIRACLES"(Mr.Bhaga-vat,New York)

"On the night of Wednesday,January 5th,1966,The Great Guru Ramana in His Infinite Mercy gave me formal initiation (in the dream) by placing his right hand on my head and instructing me to meditate on the heart by watching the breath and the sound.

Bhagavan Ramana appeared to me in a dream.He placed his right hand on my head and began to instruct me in Hindi,my mother tongue,in these words:-"Dekho Hridaya ke under se kahan se awaaz aatee hain.Jahan se awaaz aatee hain,usee par dhyaan rakho."(Watch wherefrom the sound emanates in the heart.Meditate on the centre wherefrom the sound emanates).This instruction of Bhagavan continues to reverberate in my heart even now.

The breath starts from the heart,abode of pranavayu.If we exhale and do not inhale immediately the need to take a new breath will start in the centre of the chest,rather down towards the solar plexus.That is the seat of the pranavayu.That is also the place of the "lower akasha",the space of the heart(upper akasha is in the head) ,where the vibration of the omkara dhwani,the Anahata nada,resonates.Mr.Bhagavata is instructed to contemplate on that sound and find its source (pure awareness)."

Sri Ramana Maharishi on Nada:-"He who meditates on it feels it.There are ten kinds of nada.After the final thundering nada,the man gets 'laya'.That is his natural and eternal state. Nada,Jyothi and enquiry(vichara) take one to the same point.

Meditation on nada is one of the several approved methods.The adherents claim a very special virtue for the method. According to them it is the easiest and the most direct method.Just as a child is lulled to sleep by lullabies,so nada soothes one to the state of samadhi.

Again just as a king sends his state musicians to welcome his son on his return from a long journey,so also nada nada takes the devotee into the Lord's abode in a pleasing manner.Nada helps concentration.

Nada-Upasana is good.It is better if it is associated with vichara.In that case the nada is made up of chinmaya(conciousness) and tanmaya(knowledge of self).

In the Tantras nada is said to be the subtle sound with tejas in it.(light-Heat).This light is said to be the body of Siva.When it develops and sound is submerged it becomes bindu.To be full of light (Tejomaya) is the aim. Kala is a part of the bindu."

Sri Ramana's advice is to associate nada-upasana with atma-vichara.While listening to the sound we should also be aware of its source:'Atman'.Sri Ramana Maharishi therefore recommends nada-upasana.
I find an inexplicable peace whenever I go to the ashram to stay there for 2 or 3 days,with my veena.To play my veena in the atmosphere purified,sanctified and electrified where He had walked,talked,withdrawn into Self,preached innumerable devotees,is a bliss that cannot be expressed in words.I had always wondered how lovely it would be to play the veena in the Skanda Ashramam where Bhagavan and His mother had stayed for a long time.But the climb to that spot is steep and I could never attempt climbing there with my veena.The other two places where I dream of playing veena is on the banks of Laka Manasarovar, and in the Sanctum Santorum of Lord Ranganatha's temple in Srirangam.I was told that women were not allowed to play inside the sanctum santorum of the Lord.A gentleman,named Sri Rangarajan is the blessed one to awaken the Lord with his veena playing everyday during Brahma muhurtham.He plays on a mini-sized veena.I had the oppurtunity to play on this,but found it difficult,because the frets are too small and minute.My dream to play the veena right in front of Kamakshi in Kanchipuram had been fulfilled.I was asked to sit in the narrow space in the cubicle where there is the dhwajasthambam ,bang opposite the Goddess.It was dark and hot.Nobody could see me,and the line of devotees moving below the place where I sat and played kept looking around for the source of the veena-nadam(there was mike system)!A few spotted me and were surprised and gathered around me.I was oblivious to everything except my great fortune to be able to look at Her directly while playing veena!


Shabari said...

Hi Veena GayathriJi,

To play the Veena right in front on the Goddess Kamakshi! It is undoubtedly the fruit of your 'penance' (of playing Veena), and also the fruit of the 'endless' austerities that you would have done in your countless earlier births..
I'm very fortunate to learn the nuances of Veena Vadanam and Nada Yoga, from a person like you, through your blog..
Please keep writing..
My earnest request would be: Please write more about intricacies of practicing the Veena, and about any form of prayers that can be done to excel in Veena (You have written about specific slokas from SL for excellence in Veena. Thanks for the same)...

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Smt.Mythili,I am very happy to know of your kind regards for me and my music!It is my pleasure to share whatever I know with you.
Yes,you had already asked me to write about how to practice and pray to attain the veena.It has been in the back of my mind,I will be posting about the same within a week.Sorry for the delay.Regards,Gayathri

Mom15 said...

Wow! How fortunate and blessed you are to play directly in front of the goddess. I am sure She picks whom she wants to play, which is indeed a blessing.

Veenaagayathri said...

It is a great blessing and am most fortunate to have played in Her Sannidhi.Certainly,I was chosen by Her to perform there,because everything in this world happens according to Her Will!Thank you.

Unknown said...

Nice post, Gayathri ji. Nice to read about your experience in playing in front of goddess Kanchi Kamakshi.
Since you mention of nadopasana in this post - I have always had this other question on the meaning of nadopasana. Does it mean worship (upasana) THROUGH nada or does it mean worship OF nada?
Reading through all your posts, the subject of nada seems to be a limitless one. There is so much to learn about it from your posts. I am student of vocal music and find your blog really inspiring. Sri Tyagaraja says 'nada vidya marmamulanu telisi' in his kriti 'Swara raga sudha'. I have always wondered what were those secrets (marmamulu) that he talks about. It is probably the nada yoga subject that you have been touching upon in your writings.
Please keep them coming.
Music Lover

Veenaagayathri said...

Thank you.Worship of nada leads to God,it can be compared to "bhakthi yoga".The essence of love is instrumental here.Unless one loves his/her music there is no way one can involve and immerse in the bhava.Worshipping nada and God are inter-connected.
Marmamulu means secrets(anahatha nada).Even in places where marmamaulu are not mentioned,it is implied,like in for eg.,Endaro mahanubhavulu,4th charanam:"Patita pavanudaney paraatparuni gurinchi paramaarthamagu nija maargamuthonu paaduchunu sallaapamutho swara-layaadi raagamulu theliyuvaarendaro....."Here 'swara-layadi raagamulu theliyuvaaru' does not mean merely somebody who knows song and rhythm,it means somebody who has/is able to implement the indepth knowledge (spiritual) of the source and attainment of such a practice is one of "Endaro mahaanubhaavulu."The nada yoga I am trying to project in all my articles is a speck of the TRUTH.Thank you again.

malathi said...

Deam mam,
somthing I have written overwhelmed in excitment since this is the first time I am using Blog, did I made exhaustive personal experience which made u delete my comment. I am sorry mam,
with love

Veenaagayathri said...

I did not delete your comment,I am happy to know of your experience.With love,Gayathri


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