Friday, January 22, 2010

Sri Venkatachala Mahathyam (wedding chapter 9-18)

9) Gaayanthyaha Shubhagaanaani Niraathankrutham Thadhaa!
Krishnaavathaaravibhavam Gaayanthyashchaamaraanganaaha!!

Women belonging to the Devas ('Divine') clan and wives of great sages and siddha purushas sang the praises of Lord Krishna in divine rapture.

10)Sidhdhaanganaashcha Raajendra! Thasdhurvaikhaanasaanganaaha!
Eyvam Pravruththey Punyesmin Vivaahey Venkateshithuhu!!

The auspicious proceedings and rituals for the wedding of Sri Srinivasa were taking place in the manner described above and then,

11)Snushaashcha Vasudevasya Jahasushchaarulochanaaha!
Shvashrooncha Purathaha Kruthvaa Maataharam Vakulaam Hareyhe!!

The beautiful-eyed daughters-in-law of Lord Krishna were joyously following the instructions of Vakula Devi and their mothers-in-law.

12)Evam Mahothsava Sthathra Samabhoothsapthameediney!
Chathurdikshu Cha Samsthaapya Kalashaan Jalapoorithaan!!

While such delightful preparations were on, 'Kalasams' (vessels) filled with water were placed in four directions.

13)Soothrena Veshtayithvaa Thu Thanmadhye Rathnapeetakam!
Samsthaapya Sambhramairyukthaaha Idamaahuhu Suraanganaaha!!

The vesseles were tied with strings and a 'rathnapeetam' ( golden plank studded with precious gems) was placed in the centre of the 'kalasams'. The women folk belonging to the 'Deva' clan urged Lord Srinivasa as follows:

14)Uththishta Purushasreshta! Thishta Thvam Soothramandaley!
Sa Idhdhamuktho Bhagavaan Yoshithaam Puratho Harihi!!

"O Purushottama! Please get up and take your seat on the 'rathnapeetam' (golden plank studded with precious gems)."

15)Provaacha Deenavadanaha Prasravannethrajam Jalam!
Pithaamaha Mahaapraagnya! Vivaahavibhaveymama!!

The Lord, who was in human form, looked sad-faced and desperate as he listened to the request of the Divine women. Tears poured from His eyes and He appealed to Lord Brahma,"O Chathurmukha! In my wedding...

16)Kaha Karothya Bhisheka Nthu Thailenaasheehikrameyna Vai!
Yasya Naasthi Mahaaraja! Maathaa Vaa Pi Pithaa Thadhaa!!

Who will massage oil on my head marking the auspicious bathing ceremony?! At wedding celebrations or at times of crisis, orphans without a mother or father ...

17)Vivaahey Cha Vipaththau Cha Thasya Dhigjanma Jeevanam!
Bhaginyo Bhraatharashchaivam Maathulaa Bhaagineyakaaha!!

Lead such a wasteful life! I do not have elder or younger sisters, elder or younger brothers, uncles, nephews..........

18)Na Mey Santhi Mahaapraagnya! Kaha Karothyabhishechanam!
Na Bhaaryaasadrusham Bhaagyam Na Puthren Samaa Gathihi!!

Nobody!!!!!!I do not have anybody to call my own!!!!!! Who will perform my 'abhishekam' (holy shower)??!! People who have no parents are indeed unfortunate and deprived!!!!!!!!!"


kshetrayatraa said...


google search for soundaryalahari yantras brought me here...excellant blog and great service..
i request your permission to use your yantra and english translation of soundaryalahari for my series on soundaryalahari which will be posted in my blog shortly..
My series will be like this...soundarayalahari sanskrit sloka, tamil transliteration, tamil translation, english translation, yantra picture, equivalentor near equivalent abirami anthathi sloka and purpose....
waiting for your permission...

Veenaagayathri said...

Thank you for your kind appreciation.
Kindly use the yantras and english translation of Soundarya Lahari from my blog.


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