Friday, February 5, 2010

Sri Venkatachala Mahathyam (wedding chapter 19-28)

19)Na Cha Maathrusamam Mithram Janakeyna Samam Sukham!
Na Bhaaryaasadrusham Bhaagyam!Na Puthreyna Samaagathihi!!

In friendship there is none equal to a mother, no comfort equivalent to a father, prosperity that is equal to the presence of a wife, salvation without a son......

20)Na Hi Bhaathrusamo Bandhuhu Na Vishordevathaa Paraa!
Ithi Sambhaashya Govindo Leelaamaanushavigrahaha!!

No relative equal to a brother and no God equal to Lord Vishnu......"thus lamented Lord Srinivasa.

21)Ruroda Lokareethyaiva Pashyan Brahmaananam Harihi!
Upadharya Hareyr Vaakyam Sa Bhavaha Kanjasambhavaha!!

Fixing His gaze on Lord Brahma's face, Lord Srinivasa cried and lamented about the cruel ways of life. Listening to Lord Srinivasa's woes.........

22) Saanthvayan Vaasudevanthu Bhaaratheemaaha Bhoopathey!
Kimardham Mohayasi No Maayaapanjaravaasinaha!!

Consoling Lord Srinivasa, Lord Brahma spoke as follows:-"O Lord ! We are already under the influence of 'Maya' (Illusion). Why art Thou creating further 'Maya' by lamenting in such a manner?"

23)Kopi Naastheethi Yathproktham Thadasathyam Chathurbhujaha!
Puthroham Thava Kalyaana! Pouthraha Saakshaathrilochanaha!!

O Lord with four arms! It is not true that you do not have relatives! I am your son! Lord Rudra is your grandson!!

24)Manmadhonyaha Pumaan Puthraha Pouthraputhraha Shadaananaha!
Jagathpraano Jyeshtaputhraha Snushaa They Bhaarathee Harey!!

Lord Manmatha is your son! Lord Kumaraswami is your great grandson!!Lord Vayu is your elder son and Goddess Saraswathi is your daughter-in-law!...

25)Saraswathyaadhikaa Ssarvaaha Sthriyaha Thvathpaadasevikaaha!
Thvam Pumaan Paramassaakshaath Jagathdhaathree Thavaanganaa!!

Goddess Saraswathi and all the divine women folk are Your attendants, residing at Your feet! You are the Lord of the Universe and the Mother of the Universe is Your Spouse....

26)Kreedaamaathramidam Manye Thvathkrutham Purushottama!
Evam Vibhavamaapanaha Thvam No Mohayasey Vrudhaa!!

Your lamentations to me seem like a form of entertainment or a game!You are the Supreme Lord beyond any doubt, You are unnecessarily subjecting us to "Illusion" (Maya)!

27)Ithdhamukthvaa Chathurvakthro Vaasudevam Ramaasakham!
Ramaam Sankethayaamaasa Saa Ramaa Vaakyamabraveeth!!

Lord Brahma spoke thus to Lord Srinivasa and Goddess Sridevi, Goddess Sridevi spoke thus to Lord Srinivasa..

28)Sri Ramaa:-
Viditham Hrudayam Deva! Thava Venkatavallabha!
Thailaabhyangaadikarmaani Karishye Purushoththama!!

Goddess Sridevi said-"O Lord Venkatachalapathy! I have understood Your feelings! I shall perform all the auspicious deeds starting with applying oil to your hair!!"


Subramanya Sarma said...

Respected Gayathri garu,
Only last week, i came to know about your blogs.
It has been a pleasure going through them.

Let me introduce myself. I am Subramanya Sarma, a faculty IIT Madras and my wife Sujana is a vainika too! She met you ma be couple of times after your concerts. She learnt from your mother for an year or so. She had to stop due to the arrival of our second child (Satvik). We are currently in US as I am on research assignment. We will be back in Chennai in July. She would like to get your guidance after our return. Please convey our regards to your mother.


Veena E.Gayathri said...

Sri. Subramanya Sarmagaru,
Thank you very much! I know your Srimathi as a fine veena player. I have met her too. As of now, I don't teach as I have other time consuming commitments apart from my career. In any case, Smt. Sujana is welcome to meet me anytime.

Subramanya Sarma said...

Respected Gayathri garu,
Thank you for your response.
Just address me Sarma, I am much younger to you ! We understand your commitments.
She will just meet once in a while at your convenience, just to get your blessings and to discuss.

best regards

Anonymous said...

Dear Gayathriji

I enjoy reading your blog and I wait in anticipation for your next posts. I am specially awaiting the continuation of this beautiful Sri Venkatachala Mahathyam. The pictures you post are also very beautiful.


Veena E.Gayathri said...

Dear Ms.Haripriya,
I will certainly continue with the rest of this chapter. I am a little busy with my tours, hence the delay in posting. Thank you for your kind compliments!


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