Saturday, February 20, 2010

Soup for the sole!

Vishnu PaadamOur lives have become so conditioned that we spend most of our time without letting our feet come into direct contact with the ground. Most of the people (especially women ) after crossing their 30s suffer from foot pain that demands the usage of footwear even inside their homes. Many live in wall to wall carpeted houses/apartments. Outside our houses we use footwear made of all kinds of material. As a result we miss out on the most vital of energies derived from the magnetic field of Earth. Earth sends out magnetic energy through the soles of our feet, this energy not only enters and infuses our bodies, it also releases stagnated and stale energy. All kinds of material used as footwear not only deprives us of the magnetic energy from Earth, the footwear by itself could be a carrier of negative energy!
Pranic healing states that Earth Prana is one of the most vital pranas (others are, divine prana:_derived from through meditation, air prana:-derived from the atmosphere, solar prana:- derived from sun and earth prana:- derived from the ground beneath our feet). By walking barefoot, the soles of our feet draw the pranic energy from the earth.
Walking barefoot in sand draws the purest of energies closest to the ocean. It also acts as a great reflexology massage. By walking unconstrained without footwear in the sand results in the stimulation of relevant reflexology points in the soles of the feet and their correlated organs throughout the body.
Standing on grassy or muddy ground with feet wide apart and visualising roots growing from the soles into the earth is a form of meditation. The practitioner inhales deeply, taking in all the vital energies through the roots of his/her soles all the way from below the earth. This practice is a tremendous energizer, simultaneously aiding in releasing the body-toxins.
Allowing bare feet to wriggle in lush, green and moist grass is absolutely rejuvenating. One could do that for hours together, feeling increasingly fresher by the minute!
Water is an equally pure and natural agent that aids in energizing the bodily chakras through our feet. We all know the magic of standing by the sea shore. Ocean waves, big and small, gentle and forceful, as they wash our feet magically rejuvenate us. A person in a state of depression or turmoil should try spending a few minutes alongside the sea shore with feet in sea-water. He/she would experience an immediate release from tension and negativity, feelings of hope and sheer positivity following closely on the heels! I remember the time when I dipped my feet in Holy Ganges in Haridwar, it felt as though I had taken a rebirth. It was such an overwhelming experience which I am not likely to forget!
At home it is best to immerse our feet in a basin of warm water. Adding a handful of rock salt and healing oils like eucalyptus energizes, cleanses and soothens tired feet, simultaneously removing all the negative energies which feet tend to absorb from public places. Keeping feet immersed in hot water activates Swadhishtana Chakra.
By walking barefoot in temples, ashrams and jeeva-samadhis of liberated souls, feet absorb great energies from the spiritually charged earth around such places.


Mom15 said...

That is very interesting to know. I never knew about energy coming through the feet. It is interesting to note that walking bare feet in the temple is important. I live in the US and since this is winter people have been complaining about walking bare feet to the temple (it is a little bit of a walk in open air from the point you open the shoes until you enter the temple). However I have been yearning to walk bare feet (even without socks) and do my pradakshanam bare feet. It is a very nice feeling to do the pradakshanam bare feet in the cold weather when the ground is freezing. So your article was very relevant for me!

Ganti Lakshmi Narasimha Murthy said...

Dear Gayathrigaaru,Namaskaram.your articles on Padukas and bearfootwalking are very interesting.Thanks for your studious effort.In this connection I draw your attention to Kavayakantha vaasishta Ganapathimuni gaaru who used wear wooden "Paamkollu" presented by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi immediately after the kapalabhedhanam of the great Munigaaru.Ganapathimunigaru's body was so much energized that he may struck to the ground without wooden "Paamkollo" and wooden kamandaluvu.There was talk in the relatives cirlcle of Ganapathi Muni gaaru that once one his relatives asked him to wash his hands to take "Biksha" Munigaaru asked him to touch his thumb and the relative did so and fell on the ground.He stood up again and prostrated before his mighty personality.The above comment by mom shows that your article is very inspiring.May goddess "Renuka" give you the strength to produce many more articles like this -Murthy (Nickname NARASU)(

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Mom15,
I understand the weather conditions in the US. By walking barefoot, the feet absorb the energies from the ground, temples and especially temples where great siddha purushas and yogis have walked (like ancient Vaishnavite and Saivite temples), the energies are absolutely sacred and divine.

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Sri. Murthygaru,
Thank you for the wonderful info about Sri.Ganapathimunigaru,

malathi said...

dear madame,
this is a fine article, and my elder son prajeeth loves to walk bare foot than wearing chappals , most of the time i will be worried that why he loves to walk bare foot, I also do not have a habit of wearing chappals for few meters walk or for going out of house... I would be consiously thinking that I must wear the chappals when I step down.. this article really was so nice and informative..preventing me from worrying ..
with love

Kalyaani said...

Dear Madam,
I love walking bare foot, on the grass or the sand ... But I get to do so only rarely these days. However, I was ignorant about the earth energy. Thank you for another invaluable post.
Kind regards

Mythili said...

Dear Gayathri Madam
I was longing to know about Soundarya lahari and you have given it so eloborately and also in such a simple manner that even I am able to not only understand but also enjoy it so much.Thank you so much for I am very much benefitted by your soundarya lahari.
With love,

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Mrs.Mythili,
I am very happy to know that you like and benefit from the SL mantras/yantras I have posted in my blog.
The pleasure is entirely mine!
With love,


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