Monday, March 8, 2010

Most powerful Rama Mantra

At sunrise today (09/03/2010)

Nakshatra (star):-Moola

Date (tithi):-Navami
Today is the auspicious star of Lord Anjaneya and the auspicious date of Lord Rama's birth. It is ideal to chant the most powerful Rama Mantra to invoke His grace.

"Raamaaya Raamabhadraaya Raamachandraaya Vedasey
Raghunaathaaya Naathaaya Seethaayaah Pathaye Namaha!!"
Why is this the most powerful Rama Mantra?
This sloka consists of the various names of Lord Rama as addressed by the most near and dear personalities of Lord Rama in His lifetime. Each name is laden with emotional intensity and content, revealing the adoration of all who were related to Lord Rama.
1)Raamaa: As sage Viswamithra addressed Him.
2)Raamabhadraa: Lord Rama's father, King Dasaratha addressed Him as Rama Bhadra.
3)Raamachandra: Lord Rama's mother, Queen Kausalya called Her divine son as Ramachandra.
4)Vedasey: All the rishis and munis (monks and sages) in the forest addressed Him as Vedasey.
5)Raghunaathaa: The citizens of Ayodhya addressed Lord Rama as Raghunatha.
6)Naathaa: Lord Rama's Divine Consort, Vaidehi addressed Him as 'Nathaa'.
7)Seethapathi: Lord Rama was known as Seethapathi to the people of Mithila (His inlaws' kingdom).
8)Namaha: I bow to Thee!

Chanting this sloka would strike a chord with Lord Rama, reminding Him of the various emotions contained in the different forms of addresses. Each name is fragrant with love and adoration for Lord Rama! Chanting this sloka repeatedly endears the devotee to Lord Rama, while He is reminded of His Guru- Sage Viswamitra, His beloved father- King Dasaratha, His beloved mother- Queen Kausalya, the revered and pious sages of the forest, His dear most people of Ayodhya, His beloved wife-Sita, and His inlaws and citizens attached to them, all of whom were His well wishers !


Unknown said...

Beatiful meaning! I knew the shloka and figured they must all be names of Rama anyway, but had no idea of the beauty in these names and the implication until reading your post.

Please keep them coming!

Music Lover

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Gayathri:

I've heard this sloka many times, but for the first time through you, I could understand the intensity behind this beautiful sloka.

Thank you for sharing!


Ganti Lakshmi Narasimha Murthy said...

Dear Gayathri gaaru, Namaskaram.The photo of Sri Rama is very very attractive.It depicts all the qualities of Srirama going behind his guru sage Viswamitra.The interpretaion of the sloka is also good.It is about the endearness of SRIRAMA to "AABALAGOPALAM"(every one).As a Manthra "Srirama rama ramethi rame raame manorame, sahsranama thathulyam Sree Rama nama varanane" of Vishnu Sahasranama stotra stands above all of the other RAMA manthras as per Sri Kavyakantha vasishta Ganapathi Munigaaru.Both are eqully good.Your services for the Hindu community are laudable.May this be "SREERAMARAKSHA" to you and your family-blessings-Murthy

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Music Lover,It is heartening to read your comments, thank you for the same!

Dear Ms.Sreemathi,I am happy to share whatever little I know here, thank you!Regards!

Dear Sri. Murthy gaaru,Namasthey.Thank you very much! This is my own interpretation, in bhakthi yoga it is the emotion that counts. The intensity of feeling in every name made me sit up and think.
I bow down to Sri. Kavyakantha Vasishta Ganapathi Munigaru's declaration that "Sri Rama...Varanane" from Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam stands above all other mantras.
Thank you for your kind greetings. Mine is not a service, it gives me lot of joy to share everything I know.

Anonymous said...

Very informative post. Please also consider posting some astrological predictions or special information in your future posts.

Yours Affectionately,
An avid reader

Veenaagayathri said...

Thank you! Astrology is only a hobby. I shall certainly post something within my knowledge!

Thilaga. S said...

Very very wonderful sloka and neat explanation..
This tells how One good devotee can chant Rama’s holy names ..
Reading this article gives us immense pleasure..
Thanks for sharing.

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Ms. Thilaga,
Very happy to know that you liked it. Thank you for the appreciation!

Saranya said...

Hello Madam,

I have never heard this sloka before. It sounds very nice and the meaning is very good.

To me, it sounded like a pallavi of RTP.

Thanks for posting,

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Ms.Saranya,
I am happy you like the sloka. My pleasure,

raghunath gudi said...

respected gayathri garu

i came across your blog when i was googling the word 'kavyakantha'
my wife is also learing veena. i have asked to visit your website.
can you kindly tell us how to worship chinnamasta ? i have read few other post of yours . i found them very very interesting.

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Sri.Raghunath garu,
Thank you for your kind appreciation of my blog. I don't know any ritualistic worship as such of Chinnamasta. If I get info, I shall certainly post the same promptly!
Wishing your wife all the best in veena.

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Sri.Raghunathgaru,
Thank you for your kind appreciation and wish your wife all the best in veena. I have no knowledge of ritualistic pooja for Chinnamasta. I shall certainly post details as and when I acquire the same.

Anonymous said...

great exolanation,thanks,here are two god ramamantras also with many names of rama,n1;om namo bhagavate raghunandanaya rakshogna vishadaya madhura prasanna vadhanaya amithathejase balaya ramaya vishnave namaha om.-note,this mantra should be recited everyday as much as possible,one lakh of japa should be done for siddhi-N2 om kleem om namo bhagavate ramachandraya sakala jana vashyakaraya swaha om.this mantra removes all shorts of sorrows and fullfills one's all wishes and gives attractive personality to the person who does recitation of this mantra.cheers.

Veenaagayathri said...

So kind of you to give the two lovely mantras! I may post them on my blog too. Thank you very much!

Ravi shankar said...

Gayathri Ji,

Marvelous article and very lovely too..thank you very much Jai Shri Rama..
Rama naam is the eternal name of lord as well as the Para-mantra, mantra-raj & Tarak-Mantra.

|| SitaRam ||

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Sri.Ravishankar,
Thank you for your kind appreciation!


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