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Sri Venkatachala Mahathyam (wedding chapter49-57)

Above is a photo of the temple in Narayanavanam (35kms from Tirupathi, 95kms from Chennai and 5kms from Puttur, where Lord Venkateswara married Goddess Padmavathy).

49)Rathishachyau Chaamarey Cha Veejayanthyau Sthithey Thadaa
Chchathram Dadhaara Saa Devee Bhaarathee Bhakthisamyuthaa
Paadukey Pradadau Bhadraa Gangaa Gangaapithusthadhaa!!

Rathidevi and Sachidevi holding the fans ('chaamaram') in their hands, fanned gently. Bharathidevi held the umbrella ('chathram') reverentially. The most auspicious Ganga having originated from the Feet of Lord Vishnu, offered footwear to Her Father, Lord Srinivasa.

50)Nidhaaya Paadau Parapaadukaadvaye
Yayau Prapannaarthiharo Harihi Swayam
Yaabhyaam Puraa Paavanathaam Gathaa Muneyhey
Shaapeyna Chaashmathvamupaagathaabalaa!!

Ahalya, who had taken the form of a rock due to the curse of Sage Gauthama, placed both the feet that had cleansed and purified her (relieving her of the sage's curse), in their holy footwear ('padukas').Lord Srinivasa who offers shelter to the needy...

51)Paadukaabhyaam Charan Bhoomim Varaasana Magaadharihi!!

Walking on the planet Earth, seated Himself,decorating the throne.

52)Brahmaadaya Ssurasreyshtaaha Indraadyaaha Lokapaalakaaha
Kashyapaadimunisreshtaaha Vasishtaadithapodhanaaha!!

The divine clan including Brahma, the rulers of the Indraloka (heaven of Lord Indra), great sages including Kashyapa Maharshi, sages known for their penance including Sage Vasishta....

53)Sanakaadyaashcha Yogeendraaha Bhrugvaadyaashcha Rusheeshwaraaha
Aaaryamaadyaashcha Pitharaha Thumburvaadyaashcha Gaayakaaha!!

Yogis such as Sanaka, 'mouneendras' (who practice silent penance) like Sage Bhrigu, the likes of Arya who are the 'pithru devathas' (dead ancestors or departed souls), great singers such as Tumburu..

54)Rambhaadyaashchaiva Narthakyaha Soothamaagadhavandinaha
Upaasathaasaney Ramye Pashyanthaha Purushoththamam!!

Dancers such as Rambha, the 'Soothas'( the race of 'soothas' is highly celebrated in the puranas.They were widely known as the reciters of Ithihasa-puranas like Ramayana, Mahabharatha and the eighteen puranas. They were devoted to the vow of truth), 'maagadhas' (who sing epic poems and ancient ballads), people who praise others for a living....

55)Swaamipushkarineetheerey Dakshiney Pakshivaahanam
Ashtameendukalaakaarey Lalaatey Darpanasphutey!!

All the above mentioned meditated on Purushottama (the best among human race), who was seated on a ruby-studded plank placed in the southern direction of Swami Pushkarini Lake, and on Whose clear forehead , the crescent moon of the eighth lunar digit..

56)OordhvapundramDadhaaraadha Sreenivaasa Ssathaam Gathihi
Thadaaha Kamalaam Raajan! Vakulaa Lokamaatharam!!

formed the symbol of 'Oordhvapundram' ('thilakam' or traditional symbol). The Divine Mother, Vakuladevi addressed Goddess Sridevi,...

57)Rekhaam Rachaya Kalyaani Lalaatey Kunkumeyna Thu
Evamukthaa Devamaathraa Ramaa Kunkumamaalikhath!!

"Sridevi, please decorate His forehead with 'kumkum' (sindoor' or vermillion)". Sridevi followed the Divine Mother's instructions.


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