Monday, April 12, 2010

Sri Venkatachala Mahathyam(wedding chapter 58-66)

58)Thadaa Muhoothakaalasthu Darshitho Deivachinthakaihi
Bhooshanaani Svaputhrasya Pouthrasthu Jagadeeshithuhu!!

After that, the divine authorities declared the auspicious time.

59)Yaachayithvaa Mahaaraja! Kubera Madha Saa Ramaa;
Aaadaaya Tham Dadarshaadha Bhagavaanaaha Thaam Nrupa!!

Pleading Kubera for goods, Goddess Lakshmi Devi displayed them to Lord Sreenivasa, and He said....

60)Sree Bhagawan:-
Sambhooshaya Varaarohey! Bhooshanairmaam Varaananey!
Evamukthaa Hasanthee Saa Bhooshanaisthamabhooshayath!!

"O Beautiful One! Please decorate me with those ornaments!" and the Goddess smilingly decorated the Lord as He wished!

61)Peethaambaram Dadhaaraashu Katisoothramanarghyakam!
Swarnairaabharanairvasthraihi Bhooshithasthu Thatho Harihi!!

After the decoration of ornaments, Lord Sreenivasa adorned Himself with 'peethambaram' ('dhothi' made out of pure gold) and invaluable waist bands.Lord Sreenivasa, adorning priceless jewels and golden attire....

62)Kashyapaathribharadwaaja Vasishtaadeen Mahaamuneen!
Namashchakrey Virincheysha Vinuthopi Vidambayan!!

And despite being worshipped by Lord Brahma and the enitre Universe, pretending and behaving like a common man, prostrated to the sages, Kashyapaa, Athri, Bharadwaaja and Vasishtaa!

63)Sandhyaamupaasya Vidhivath Kruthvaa Thaathkaalikakriyaaha!
Vasishtamaahooyovaacha Santhoshodrikthamaanasaha!!

After that, Lord Sreenivasa performed all the necessary rituals to carry out 'Sandhyaavandanam' and summoned sage Vasishta.

64)Sree Bhagavan:-
Munisreshtaa! Vasishtaa! Thvam Uththaram Kaaryamaachara!
Vaasudevavachaha Shruthvaa Vasishto Vadathaam Varaha!!

"O Virtuous sage! Kindly carry out all the necessary auspicious rituals!" thus spoke Lord Sreenivasa, and on hearing Him Sage Vasishtaa..

65)Virachya Vedikaam Thathra Moukthikaishchathurashrikaam!
Sreenivaasaam Prathishtaapyaa Sankalpavidhipoorvakam!!

Seated Lord Sreenivasa on a dais that was decorated with pearls on all four sides

66)Chakrey Punyaahakarmaadha Varayithvaa Dvijanmamaha
Ashtavargam Thathashchakrey Srushtikarthaa Pithaamahaha!!

where the naming ceremony of the Lord was conducted. After the ceremony, Lord Sreenivasa, with the assistance of the brahmin purohiths performed the vedic ritual for marriage known as "Ashtavarga."


sandhya said...

madam this friday god has finally given me an oppurtunity to seek your blessings in person.i thank our company titan industries for giving me thiis oppurtunity to salute my manasika guru

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Ms.Sandhya,
Thank you very much, may God bless you!
With best wishes and regards,

sandhya said...

dear madam your concert was divine.that playing is truly 'bahujanmasadhanam'.it was like goddess saraswathi playing as aptly said by one of the organiser.i felt happy to see your 'little shreeya' ammamma's favorite and your daughter.may your music live long and i pray god to give you good health and a long life.

Sribala said...

Dear Gayathri Ji,
An unsual blog from a vidhushi. Very interesting.

Kalyaani said...

Dear Madam,

A humble request. May we get your concert schedule regularly in this blog, if already not available elsewhere?

I am not from south India, but do visit Hyderabad/Bangalore occasionally. I'll feel myself blessed if I can attend your concert(s) during my tours.

I hope I didn't ask too much...

With kind regards

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Ms.Sandhya,
Thank you for attending my concert in Sri Rama Seva Mandali, Bengaluru. I am happy that you liked it!

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Ms. Sribala,
Thank you!

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Ms.Kalyaani,
I will certainly put up my schedule from now on. Thank you and regards,


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