Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Out of the world!

Sameykshanaayai Vishameykshanaaya
Namah Shivaaya Cha Namah Shivaaya!"

(Excerpt from Ardhanaareeshwara Sthothram, by Adi Sankaracharya).
Kumudakriya, the janya raga of Panthuvarali (Kamavardhini), 51st melakartha has been chosen by the great saint vaggeyakara, Sri.Muthuswami Dikshithar for his grand composition, "Ardhanareeswaram". The scale of Kumudakriya-Ascending:-Sa Ri Ga Ma Dha Sa; descending:-Sa Ni Dha Ma Ga Ri Sa. This raga falls in the "adbhutha rasa" (wonderment and awe)category of the navarasas (nine emotions).Contemplation on the prayogas or phrases Sa Ni Dha Ri', Ri Ga Ma Dha Ri, etc. invoke a sense of fantasy, make-believe or illusion. Imagine suddenly walking into somebody who is split into a perfect half of a perfect man and a perfect woman! It certainly is a heart-stopping sight! Absolutely dazzling and surreal! Kumudakriya, a breathtaking raga of fantasy, bestows wonderful events, fantastic happenings in life. Ragas yield results only when the "jeeva swaras" (soul-notes) are tapped and mastered. Mere humming or rendering of the scale are not sufficient to induce life into the raga.
Bhogavasantham another janya of Kamavardhini (Ascending:-Sa Ri Ga Ma Dha Ni Sa, descending:- Sa Ni Dha Ma Ga Ri Sa), so close to Kumudakriya (with only a slight variation in the ascending order) does not yield results like that of Kumudakriya. Bhogavasantham invokes joy, festivities and enjoyments.


vpshri said...

Namaste Madam

Vishameykshanaayai: is this intended? In the original version, it is Vishameykshanaaya.

Similarly,Namah Shivaayai Cha Namah Shivaayai!

I am prompted to ask you for it appears to me as though the bhava described in Soundaryalahari (23 sloka) [where Amba not satisfied of obtaining one half of Shiva, has invaded his right side too as her crimson red color permeates through his crystal clear complexion] exudes here and not merely a typo.

Thanks and regards

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Sri.Prasanna,
Thank you for the correction (kindly find revised sloka in my posting). It is a typo and not connected to the bhava of the 23rd SL sloka.
My knowledge of Sanskrit is very limited, I took the sloka from an authentic text of Sri Adi Sankaracharya's works.

Thank you and best regards,

Unknown said...

Dear Gayathri garu,
Very interesting details about the two apoorva ragas. Shows how much analysis you have behind every raga.
Music Lover

vpshri said...

Namaste Madam

Vikaasipankeyruhalochanaayai in the sloka should be Vikaasipankeyruhalochanaaya

Thanks and regards
Prasanna Shrinivas V

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Music Lover,
Thank you!
Kind regards,

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Sri.Prasanna hrinivas,
Thank you for the correction!

Saarange said...

Namasthe Madam,
I have read some reviews that you had played "Ardhanareeswaram" in one of your concerts for Hamsadwani. It would be great if you could please post any recordings of this song. In general, I find every performance of yours dazzling and the ways your fingers move almost feels surreal. Your ragamalika thanams are stupendous. I can't imagine the level of ecstasy that could be evoked when you perform kumudakriya.

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Ms.Ganga,
Thank you very much for your kind appreciation of my music! I am touched. I will definitely render Kumudakriya in one of my forthcoming concerts in Dasara or Music season this year.

Musical Pilgrim said...

Thank you so much. Not only do you bless us with your marvellous music playing, but you have also taken time to share your knowledge with the world through your blog. Your insight is invaluable.

I am so grateful for your sharing and give thanks for your efforts.

Hope to enjoy your live program sometime soon in Tamil Nadu.


Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Darren Sangita,
Thank you for your kind appreciation!I am sharing whatever little I know of things that interest me.
It is my pleasure, thank you. Most welcome to my concert!


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