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The holy scripture, " Sri Guru Geeta" reveals how Lord Shiva in His lessons on "Guru" to Goddess Parvathi strongly condemns fake "Gurus". Sri Guru Geeta is a part of Skaanda Puranam, authored by Sage Vyasa. This sacred scripture contains 351 slokas. Gems like excerpts about fake Gurus as Lord Shiva addresses the following slokas to Goddess Parvathi:-

198)Gnaanaheeno Guru Sthyaajyo Midhyaavaadee Vidambakaha
Svavishraanthim Na Jaanaathi Parashaanthim Karothi Kim.

Do not recognise a foolish man as Guru. One who is quarrelsome and deceptive cannot achieve his own peace. When that is the case, he is not eligible to bring peace to his devotees.

199)Shilaayaaha Kim Paragnaanam Shilaasangha Prathaaraney
Svayam Tharthum Na Jaanaathi Param Nisthaaraye Thkadham.

Such a person is like a big stone. He has the tendency to cheat few devotees. When this fellow himself does not know how to cross the shore of human life, how can he lead others?!

200)Na Vandaneeyaa Sthey Kashtam Darshanaa Dbhraanthikaarakaaha
Varjaye Ththaanguroon Doorey Dheerasya Thu Samaashrayeth.

Fake Gurus who terrorise devotees just by their gaze are not fit to be worshipped. Such a Guru is to be chased away. Always worship a Guru who has knowledge of Self.

201)Paashandinaha Paaparathaa Naasthikaa Bhedabudhdhayaha
Sthreelampataa Duraachaaraaha Kruthaghnaa Bakavruththayaha.

Pompous Gurus who are interested in bad vices, self-advertisement, atheism, propagation of controversial subjects, debaucherous, ungrateful and indulging in fake prayers are to be discarded.

202)Karmabhrashtaaha Kshamaanashtaa Nindyatharkaishcha Vaadinaha
Kaaminaha Krodhinashchaiva Himsraashchandaashshathaa Sthadhaa.

Gurus who are unethical, immoral, impatient, who indulge in wasteful arguments, full of desires, aggressive and short-tempered and like to harass/torture, who are adamant and horrific by nature, yet advertise themselves as Gurus are also to be rejected and discarded.

203)Gnaanalupthaa Na Karthavyaa Mahaapaapaa Sthadhaa Priye
Ebhyo Bhinno Guru Ssevya Ekabhakthyaa Vichaarya Cha.

Never consider a foolish man or a sinner as Guru. After careful inquiry, identify the correct person who has knowledge of Self and worship Him with faith.

204)Sishyaa Danyathra Deveshi Na Vadhey Dhyasya Kasyachith
Naraanaam Cha Phalapraapthau Bhakthi Reva Hi Kaaranam.

Devi, please do no preach this to anybody other than the best devotee. A devotee attains the fruit of knowledge only through devotion.


Anonymous said...

Dear Madam,

Very happy to note about श्रीगुरुगीता. Previously heard about Ashtavakra Gita, Rama Gita and of course the Holy Bhagvad Gita.

The fact that Sage Vyasa who authored Bhagvad Gita in Mahabaratham has authored श्रीगुरुगीता in Skaanda Puranam kind of gives great Joy as Siva and Vishnu teaching the Same Absolute TRUTH.

Lord Shiva's Consort Goddess Parvathi being the Listener in श्रीगुरुगीता and played the Teacher in Bhagvad Gita (Lord Krishna and Ambal Parvathi being the same Absoulte Truth). Great Advaitic Truth.


Classical Guy said...

Gayathri Akka,

Thanks for sharing this and happy to read the valuable comments by other's in this thread as well.
Trust you are doing well.


Anonymous said...

Namasthe Gayathri Akka,

I thank you for sharing these precious gems from the Sri Guru Geeta.

I have seen many false versions online, mere stones, claiming to be the golden verses from the Sri Guru Gita.

I have two humble requests:

1. Would you kindly post the entire 315 verses authored by Sage Vyasa, both text and English translation?

2. Please indicate which Skaanda Puranam text and chapter contains these verses?

Your grateful sister,

Veenaagayathri said...

I shall do my best. Pl. keep a watch on this column, I will come back with the chapter number.

Veenaagayathri said...

Thank you very much!

Unknown said...

Can I know where i will get the Guru geetha book with the covering page you have given here above... or can you post or mail me the full guru geetha matter as pdf or in some other format. My mail ID is keshava1979@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I am a regular listener of Guru Geeta.
I do not have English version for the same. Can you provide me the translation.

Thanks and Regards,
Chinmay Joshi


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