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Sri Venkatachala Mahatyam (wedding chapter 157-166)

(Continued from Sri Venkatachala Mahathyam article dated June 18th, 2011).

157)Paathraani Vyasthrunochchambhuhu Paathraapaathravichakshanaha
Paandutheertham Samaarabhya Shreeshailaavadhi Bhoosuraaha.

Lord Rudra, an expert in distinguishing the good from the bad was incharge of arranging plates for meals. From Pandu theertham (in Seven Hills) to Srisailam (in Andhra Pradesh, situated in Nallamalla Hills, Kurnool District)brahmins,

158)Devaascha Nibideebhoothaaha Thasmin Krishnamahothsavey
Sthithaa Devadwijaasthathra
Swaswapaathraanthikey Prudhak.

Devas arrived in several groups. Devas and brahmins sat in front of the meals plates assigned for each of them.

159)Thadaaha Bhagavaan Raajan! Brahmaanam Chathuraananam.
Shree Bhagavaan:-
Anarpitham Na Daathavyam Devaanaancha Dwijanmanaam.

At that time Lord Srinivasa instructed Lord Brahma not to serve food for the Devas and brahmins without first offering the food to God, for which Lord Brahma responded...

Sarvagyam Sarvabhokthaaram Sarvalokeshvareshvaram
Thvaameva Vedmi Govinda! Na Thvaththulyo Na Chaadhikaha.

''Govinda! You know everything and you are all-pervading. You enjoy every creation in this Universe and are the Dictator in all the worlds! Is there anybody equal to You or more powerful than You?

161)Kasmai Nivedayeyam Bhoho Prashaadhi Kamalaapathey
Sa Puthravachanam Shruthvaa Puthramaaha Hasanniva.

Tell me then whom do You order me to offer this food to??" Lord Brahma questioned. Lord Srinivasa replied with a smile...

162) Shree Bhagavaan:-
Ahobilanrusimhasya Poojaam Kruthvaa Nivedaya
Ithyuktho Vaasudevena Nrusimhasyaarpanam Nrupa.

The Lord instructed that the food should be offered to Lord Narasimha of Ahobilam....

163)Brahmaa Chakaara Sarveshaam Muneenaamapi Sammatham
Gruhaaraadhanadevaamscha Manthryaanarcha Thathah Param.

Lord Brahma did as he was instructed and also performed great rituals and pooja to the deities at home. All the monks who were assembled there were greatly pleased.

164)Akshathaarghyaambugandhaischa Dhoopadeepaadilepanaihi
Vipraanaamarchanam Chakrey Brahmaa Cha Vidhipoorvakam.

Lord Brahma felicitated the brahmins with turmeric-coated rice, perfumed rose water, sandal paste, incense and oil lamps.

165)Nanaamaanandasampoorno Haristhaan Loukikai ssamaha
Parivesham Thathaschakruhu Ashtau Dikpaalakaasthadaa.

Lord Srinivasa, acting like an ordinary mortal prostrated to the brahmins. Ans as the Äshtadikpaalakaas"( Guardians of the eight directions:- (1)Kubera-North (man), 2) Yama-South (male buffalo), 3) Indra-East (Airaavatha-white elephant), 4) Varuna-West (crocodile), 5) Eeshaana- Northeast (bull), 6) Agni-Southeast (male goat), 7) Vaayu- Northwest (spotted deer) and 8) Nairuthi-Southwest (horse)...

166)Paathrasamskaarapoorvancha Chakrusthey Pariveshanam
Pariveshancha Sampoornam Akarnyaagnimukhaaddarihi.

cleaned the vessels and started to serve the food, Lord Srinivasa being duly informed of the news (the the Áshtadikpaalakas were cleaning vessels and serving food) informed Lord Agnihothra...
(To be continued.......)

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