Monday, March 12, 2012

Tantra in daily life (Part 9)


Many of us may vaguely remember a well-meant advice or suggestion given to us by an elderly relative, parent or even an acquaintance during our childhood or sometime back in the past. A few of us may not have been able to implement the advice/suggestion received. Even while wondering why we never took the advice seriously, our thoughts drift to other areas and we quickly forget about the advice and the incident.
Those advices from the distant past are not meant to be trashed in the back of our minds, but meant for us to USE at sometime in our lives. Never mind if a lot of time has lapsed since the time of receiving the advice/suggestion. We would be astounded to realise that an advice received well back in time acts as a perfect solution to a critical problem, even after many years and decades! That is how cosmos works! You only have to tune your inner radar system to decode and interpret messages, however vague they may seem! Following are few cosmic interpretations (within brackets).
"How is your mother?""("Take care of her health.")
"Have you read any epic so far?"(Please read some epic.")
"Have you been to that temple any time?"(Please go to that temple.")
"We want to present you the Lifetime Achievement award."("Take a clean break from the performing scenario.")
"Hello, I am calling from Tiruvannamalai."("Ramana Maharshi inviting you to Tiruvannamalai.")
"I love you" (Your Higher self telling yourself "I love you".)
"Please don't talk so hurtfully", "why are you being so stubborn?", "I wish you could change.." etc. (such observations and comments are all messages coming from the Higher Self).
Even an inclination or tendency towards promiscuity for finding one's ideal lover is translated as "the inner quest", ""soul-search" or "the longing for one's Higher Self" as nothing can surpass the joy or spiritual exhilaration achieved by the merging of oneself with the Higher Self. The divine union (Shiva-Shakthi) takes place within oneself.
Even the natal charts at the time of birth could be altered through conscious karma-management. The worst evils in a horoscope are eradicated by good deeds (like healing, charity (towards deserving cause), helping the aged/destitutes/orphans/physically challenged/serving the terminally ill/social work in the most distressing atmospheres and conditions etc. Food charity, meditation, reading scriptures, prayers, chanting mantras etc. especially during brahma muhurtham, likhitha japam (written mantra), nama japam (mental chanting of mantras) are extremely good karma.
Kindness towards everybody, humility and simplicity, smile from the depths of one's heart and the ability to interact with anybody on his/her level also amounts to good karma. Soft spoken and gentle behaviour, making people feel comfortable and happy, good sense of humour, ability to laugh in the face of adversity, maintaining silence while being unfairly blamed, calmness during crisis, equanimity of mind in general are great ways to nullify bad karma.
Similarly the best yogas in any horoscope are rendered ineffective by negative deeds or attitude.Bad karma is caused by rudeness, aggressive behaviour, loud talk, using bad words, arrogance, pomposity, subjugating others, hurting anybody verbally/mentally/physically.Stealing money, property (material or personal like somebody's wife/husband), cheating, enormous anger, mentally controlling others, harassment, torture and abuse (mental/physical) and so on.
The wise one would want NO KARMA, neither good nor bad. A karmaless soul is eligible for soul-liberation and this state can be attained by performing one's duties ('dharma') without attachment, by learning to forget and forgive and finally by tuning oneself strictly to "NOW" (the present, existing moment) simultaneously drawing shutters over the past and the future. The best and only way towards Truth and Light!
(To be continued.....)


Anonymous said...

Dear Madam,

Many thanks for thoughtful presentation of life facts.I am able to relate some points to my life. Thank you for making us repose our faith in Sanadhana Dharma.

This post list out examples of Good karma and how they can be used to nullify even the bad aspects of the natal chart. Great encouragement for sincere seekers.

In the concluding portion, this post has brought out the Sthitaprajna Lakshana of aspiring seekers applied in practical context.

Looking forward to continuation of the article.


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