Friday, May 1, 2020

ATTRACTING ABUNDANCE (Power of Affirmations)

My favourite pastime is to watch videos of  Gayathri Reddy modelling her own creations of delicious looking rich colours splashed across yards of pastry-smooth silks. Her descriptions of the sarees she is modelling while draping it across her shoulder, ("Idi entha baagundo cheppalenu, chaalaa ante chaalaa chaalaa baagundi. Antha baagundi...!") ooze innocence and genuineness. Her hearty appreciation of each and every saree she models (she probably would have modeled thousands of them till now) are not mere salesman tactics, but seem more like ardent love for the beauty of the sarees. Every saree of hers has her gushing "Chaalaa chaalaa baagundi", from the bottom of her heart.

So why am I blogging this?! Gayathri Reddy's positive affirmation, "chaalaa chaalaa baagundi (very very nice)" is unwittingly her pathway to success. Her hearty declarations of "how beautiful, so nice".... are mantras for attracting abundance in life. But shouldn't fake it, must feel passionately when you utter the positive affirmation "chaalaa chaalaa baagundi!!"- like the entrepreneur Gayathri Reddy.

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