Thursday, May 7, 2020



A 'prana' (life force energy) induced resonance of Veena needs very little 'gain' in an acoustic microphone. Amazingly these Veenas can be recorded in all clarity even on an Iphone. The kundalini power induced resonance of Veena nadham does not depend on enhancements on the mixer or microphone console. Whereas when a Veena that depends on magnetic mike for stage performances (due to the obvious absence of kundalini shakthi induced resonance)  attempts an acoustic recording, extreme adjustments have to be made especially in the 'gain' (gain in microphone increases the amplitude of  microphone signals) and other enhancing levels like bass, treble, reverb etc. Sadly the beauty of pranic resonance is still not achieved.
The levels on the microphone console are a give away of whether the Veena contains human prana or not.

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