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                                          Goddess Durga

A couple of decades ago.
"Please, please..... I have to see least one time, then I'll go away.."
The young lady in her early 20s pleaded, tears streaming down her cheeks, unmindful of people staring at her openly. 
After years of observing and absorbing facts, today, as I look back I am able to see that the young lady was clearly under the grip of "Vashikaran" (spell to bring someone under control) done to her.
In more than 5 decades of performing in many places of worship, I have observed various practices and methods. I have gained considerable information and am quick to gauge the nature of rituals.Whatever I am saying here is a mere gist and the briefest of brief essay.
Enough has been said about tantra on internet without myself having to go through the subject in an elaborate fashion. The need of the hour is for everybody to be alert in identifying the correct Guru for spiritual guidance. 
A tantrik who can cause people both benefit and harm is best avoided. Our own prayers are stronger than anybody else’s on behalf of ourselves. 
Generally females born in auspicious months, on auspicious thithis and nakshatras are targeted to be brought under a tantrik 's control for his benefit or on behalf of others for their benefits. 
 The 'shakthi' energy is drawn out of the female and the tantrik attains immense benefits of power by taking in the ‘Shakthi’ energy. It is possible for a tantrik to derive a female's energy even without physically uniting with her.
The subtle (sookshma) energy of the female is drawn through mediums such as personal articles used by the subject. 
In the case of musicians, especially practitioners of divine instruments like the original Saraswati Veena, 'Vashikaran' (casting spell) is aimed at male/female Veena practitioners whose Sushumna nadi is vibrant. 
In few instances talisman (thin and minute-sized metal sheet yantras engraved with tantrik mantras) are embedded in the wood, especially in the kudam area. Generally new Veenas are made for such intended purposes. Inauspicious places, timings (malefic horas or planetary conjunctions) and thithis like Ashtami/Navami are chosen to make such Veenas. 
The pranic energy which is drawn from the Veena made out of seasoned Jackwood which connects and transmits the breath patterns of the Veena practitioner is sponged off by the tantrik via the embedded talisman in the Veena. 
The above is not applicable to detachable 'Veenas' which are broken in places for travel purposes. Detachable Veenas are not contained and therefore do not have the ability to retain or promote any type of energy- good or bad. Small sized Veenas (used for gimmicks) that are disproportionate to practitioner’s spinal column and with weird and bizarre shaped ‘kudams’ (other than the original huge and round shaped. ‘Kudams’) are non-energy bearers and therefore fail to retain or promote any kind of energy-good or bad.
When a practitioner unknowingly practices on a tantrik Veena (which has a talisman embedded in it) his/her energy is gradually drained and the practitioner loses strength and lustre (ojas and tejas). At some point the practitioner can also fall seriously sick, as all the energy is transmitted to the tantrik. The victim under "Vashikaranam" spell is obsessed with the person under whose spell he/she is brought under and feels a desperate urge to be with them 24/7. 
How to identify a victim of "Vashikaran"? A person who is under a spell is usually nervous, desperate and devoid of pranic energy (tejas). He/she looks pale, loses sleep and appetite. 
A person who is on the right path of spirituality and has immunized himself/herself against black magic attacks through disciplined prayers and unwavering belief in oneself (Atma Guru) glows with 'sattvik' tejas and the beauty of wisdom.
Prayers and worship of Goddess Durga (Anagram-Guard) apart from bestowing strength to the arms/hands/fingers of Veena players protects and shields them from negative attacks. 
P.S;-Utmost caution is needed before accepting vibhuthi/kumkum/any eatables in the name of prasadam/ precious and semi-precious gemstones (energy bearers) from anyone other than from temples and one's own trusted spiritual Guru.

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Eye-opening post Madam. Please share everything you know about this topic. Even if there may be lot of information on the web, many may not be aware of any of that information. Also your own views of that information will be interesting to know. Thanks.


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