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Rendered by Sri. T.M.KRISHNA

AMRITHAVARSHINI (RAGA FOR ACTIVATING SECRETION OF MELATONIN)-Ragas are activated when 'jeeva swaras' (main notes of each raga containing the life or core of the raga) are stimulated through perfect rendition by voice or musical instrument. Veena, a divine instrument and the inner voice of a human being is ideally suited for activating ragas .
Amrithavarshini is popularly known for invoking rains. The name of the raga means Amrith- elixir, Varshini- showers. This raga is most effective in drawing out the elixir from the agna chakra (pineal gland), scientifically known as Melatonin. Activation of the Raga Devatha of Amrithavarshini kindles the secretion of Melatonin. Sri Muthuswamy Dikshithar in His krithi states-ANANDAAMRUTHAKARSHINI- Draws out the bliss giving elixir 
AMRITHAVARSHINI- showers of Elixir.
The saint composer hints in the madhyamakalam-"AMRITHESHVARI SALILAM VARSHAYA VARSHAYA VARSHAYA"!
In the real sense Sri. Dikshithar pleads for great showers (Varshaya repeated thrice)  of abundant water (elixir) from the pineal gland in his composition, "Anandaamruthakarshini Amrithavarshini."

RAGA THERAPY OF AMRITHAVARSHINI- Rains (macrocosm), activation of melatonin (microcosm), deep sleep, calmness and tranquility of mind.

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