Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Moola Nakshatra (1)


Goddess Kali belongs to the Nakshatra Moola. According to puranas Kali is also known as Nirrti (Alakshmi). There is a temple for Nirrti known as the Rajarani temple in Bhuvaneswar, Orissa.  The Rajarani temple is also known as "The Love Temple" and Khajuraho Temple is believed to have been inspired by Rajarani Temple and built on the guidelines of its architecture. 
This temple features the 8 Guardians (Dikpaalakas) protecting the Gopuram at 8 compass points. The Guardians begin with the Headof the Demi-Gods INDRA (East) being the first Guardian, followed by AGNI, The Fire God  (South -East), YAMA, The God of Death (South), NIRRITI ,The Goddess of the Black Asuras (South-West), VARUNA, The God of Water (West), VAYU,The God of Wind (North West), KUBERA, The God of Wealth (North), shown with a wish-granting tree (Kalpavruksham),  and ISHAANA (North-East), The Face of Lord Shiva, and Master of all knowledge.
According to Vedic astrology Nirriti reigns over Moola/Lyra asterism. Moola nakshatra which is owned by Ketu is controlled by Goddess Kali/Nirriti. 
It is significant to note that in Devi Mahtmya Goddess Saraswathi is said to be among the Trinity of Maha Kali. Maha Lakshmi and Maha Saraswathi. She is depicted with 8 lotus-like hands holding the bell, trident, ploughshare, conch, pestle, discus, bow and arrow. Her body-lustre is likened to the moon brilliantly shining in the autumn sky. She is born from the body of Parvathi and is the sustaining base of the three worlds. Maha Saraswathi in Devi Mahatmya had destroyed Shumbha/Nishumbha and other Asuras.
The Eleventh Chapter of Devi Mahatmya is in praise of Goddess Narayani in which there is a shloka in praise of Goddess Saraswathi:-
"Medhey Saraswathi Varey Bhoothi Bhaabhravi Thaamasi, Niyathethvam Praseedeshey Naaraayani Namosthuthey!"
Therefore Goddess Kali whose other form is Goddess Saraswathi is Nada Swaroopini and Veena is Her Inner Consciousness!

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