Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sri Venkatachala Mahathyam (wedding chapter 94-103)

Kruthvaa Punyaahakarmaani Prathishtaapya Kuleshvareem!
Nopavaaseyna Govinda! Ganthavyamithi Mey Mathihi!!

Lord Brahma said, "Having performed all the auspicious rituals like the 'naming ceremony' ("Punyah Vachanam") and installed your Kula Devatha, which is the Samee Vruksham, O Lord Govinda, please do not fast and travel on an empty stomach! This is my opinion..

95)Munayaha Kshudhithaassarvey Baalavrudhdaadayasthadhaa!
Vadathyevam Chathurvakthrey Chakrapanirabhaashitha!!

Children, women folk and all the monks are hungry!" as Lord Brahma tried to convince....

Vachanaani Mahaarhaani Thava Puthra! Pithaamaha!
Kadham Kaaryamakaaryancha Naiva Jaanaasi Puthraka!!

Lord Srinivasa said,"Dear Son, O Four-Faced One, Your words are invaluable!But how is it that You are unaware of the good and bad of a situation?...

97)Deshakaalaavanaalochya Bhaashasey Baalisho Yadhaa!
Dravyaanaamayutham Thaatha! Gatham Mey Kaananey Girau!!

You are ignorant of the ways of the world and you are talking like an unintelligent man! On the hills amidst the deep woods, thousands of my properties were destroyed!....

98)Evam Vyayam Samaapannam Kadham Pashyasi Chakshushaa!
Gnyaathvaapi Rikthathaam Vaachaa Thveyvamukthey Kadham Bhaveth!!

Have not you seen the loss of much property with your own eyes?! Having known about poverty, how could you speak like this?!"

99)Vadathyevam Svapithari Brahmaa Lokapithaamahaha!
Thooshnimabhoonmahaaraaka! Bhagavathpurathasthadaa!!

Lord Brahma listened silently while Lord Srinivasa was speaking.

100)Neelakanthobraveedvaakyam Pitharam Svapithusthathaha!
Shrothavyam Vachanam Thaatha! Mama Balasya Maadhava!!

Lord Shiva addressed His Father, Lord Srinivasa, "Srinivasa! As your son I request you to listen to my words!...

101)Vivaahakaraney Deyva! Thadhaa Bhavanakarmani!
Praarabdhasyaanthaparyantham Yo Hi Yathnam Samaachareth!!

While performing a wedding or a house-warming ceremony, an ideal man would perform all the necessary rituals unfailingly as his duties.....

102)Sa Eva Punyavaan Lokey Keerthimeythi Na Samshayaha!
Sampaadyaaha Sarvasambhaaraaha Shubhakaaryeshu Pushkalaaha!!

Undoubtedly such a man is most fortunate and will attain great name and fame! It is necessary to gather abundant goods and articles for performing auspicious ceremonies...

103)Bahulaardhavya Thadabhaavey Thvrunam Chareth!
Sa Shambhuvachanam Shruthvaa Shambaraaripithaabraveeth!!

For accumulating articles and things needed to perform an auspicious ceremony such as this, wastage of any amount of money should not be taken into account! When somebody cannot afford so much money, He should atleast acquire loan to be able to perform all the necessary rituals!" As Lord Shiva spoke, Lord Srinivasa....

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