Saturday, September 5, 2009

Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.49


"Vishaalaa Kalyaanee Sphutaruchirayodhyaa Kuvalayaihi
Kripaadhaaraadhaaraa Kimapi Madhurabhogavathikaa!
Avanthee Drushtisthey Bahunagaravisthaaravijayaa
Dhruvam Thaththannaamavyavaharanayogyaa Vijayathe!"

Literal Meaning:-"All glories to Thy eyes which are wide (vishaalaa); auspicious (kalyaani) because of being brilliantly clear; undefeated (ayodhyaa) even by blue lillies; shedding a continuous flow of grace (kripaadhaaraa-dhaaraa); subtly sweet (madhura); long (abhogavathi); and offering protection to the world (avanthee). Surpassing all these great cities in their uniqueness, Thy glance is fit to be reffered to by the respective appellations."
Mode of worship:Yantra to be made on nice turmeric powder (or charred turmeric). Sit facing North. Chant this sloka 1000 times daily for 10 days.
Archana:Chant Lalitha Ashtotharam offering vermillion at centre of Yantra and Lakshmi Ashtotharam with petals of red lotus at top triangle.
Offerings:Cooked rice,cooked rice mixed with milk, honey, beetles and slices of areca nuts.
BENEFICIAL RESULTS:Discovery of hidden treasures, gaining of lost property, cure of eye diseases.(Some texts prescribe using the turmeric in which the yantra was drawn after charring it as a collyrium and mixing it with gingelly oil, after recital everyday.)
Literal Results:Visiting number of big towns and metropolitan cities, extensive travel and heights of luxury. Ability to clear misunderstanding of situations and people.Great wisdom.

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