Saturday, September 5, 2009

Soundarya Lahari Slokas/Yantras No.47



"Bhruvau Bhugney Kinchid Bhuvanabhayabhangavyasanini

Thvadeeye Nethraabhyaam Madhukararuchibhyaam Dhruthagunam!

Dhanurmanye Savyetharakaragruheetham Rathipathehe

Prakoshtey Mushtau Cha Sthagayathi Nigootaantharamumey!"

Literal Meaning:"O Uma! You are bent on dispelling the fears of the world! I take Thy two slightly bent eye-brows to be the bow of the Kama-Deva provided with Thy beetle-like pair of eyes as the bow-string while its middle portion is hidden by the nasal ridge, as if it were, the clenched fist and forearm of Kama-Deva holding it."

Mode of worship:Yantra to be made on gold plate or holy ashes.Sit facing East. Chant this sloka 1000 times daily for 25 days.

Archana:Chant Lalitha Thrishathi offering red flowers.

Offerings:Cooked rice, coconut, honey and fruits.

BENEFICIAL RESULTS:Obtaining grace of God and all round success.

Literal Results:Deep insight, intellect and control over situations and people.



Anonymous said...

Dear Amba Gayatri,

After the prescribed days of this Yanthra Pooja, of 45 (or 55/ 0r 12) days has ended
should we continue with the same offerings? or can we give the offerings that we can prepare like ponghal for instance and what should we do with the Yanthra after the period of worship is completed? I do not have a separate Pooja Room cause Im staying in a 1 room apartment with my wife and son, and my wife is Catholic and she doesn't believe in our Shakthi Poojas, therefore could I keep the Yanthra within a Sacred Book like the Bhagavad Gita after doing the pooja in a small prayer place that I can setup temporarily. Kindly apologize for all the troubles, I have no one else to ask about cause Im staying in Poland and there is no temple or Sri Vidhya Upsana.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amba Gayatri,

I have also found these products from Coconut i.e. Desiccated coconut & Coconut Milk, will either of these products be able to fulfill the requirements of using coconut?

I was working as an Tech Writer in Ericcson, I have lost the job and plus to get some wealth not for me but to support those around me, I wish I could know Good Slokas that Amba could recommend me for solving my uncertainty. Thanks in Advance.

Veenaagayathri said...

Dear Sri.Goverthana,
I appreciate your interest in yantra pooja. Unless and until you are initiated by a Guru or a Srividya Upasaka, it is not correct to do yantra poojas. This is to inform you that yantra pooja is meant only for Srividya Upasakas and tantriks. To attain desired goals (as per slokas), it is not necessary to go through the elabporate ritual of yantra and neivedhya pooja. All you have to do is to chant the sloka aloud 11 times in the morning and 11 times in the evning and the rest of the time (every waking minute), kindly chant the sloka mentally as many times as possible. No specific count is necessary. Also pl. don't worry about the kind of offerings you are able to afford. Just chant the sloka mentally, as the mantra recitstion number increases, the mantra will gain power and yield your desired ambition.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

I am really blessed and very much grateful, thanks in a million Amba Gayatri, I will do as you say and will leave the rest to Thy Mother.


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