Monday, October 25, 2021

Acoustic/Non-acoustic pickups


Sashank Mallya, a graded Veena artist from All India Radio, Chennai is a bright star in the field of Veena. Having had his earliest training from age 6 under his Veena Vidushi mother, Smt. NVS Radha and later on from under Veena Vidwan GRS Murthy and Veena Vidushi Smt. Revathi Srinivasan, Sashank adapts the gayaki style (vocal style) of playing the Veena.
Talented and aesthetic in his musicianship and technique, he is a noted Vainika who has performed in prestigious festivals and organizations. He is winner of a gold medal from an esteemed sabha in Guntur AP, an endowment award from a leading sabha in Chennai and recipient of Central Government Junior Scholarship (2010-2015) and CCRT scholarship to young artists in 2019.
Sashank is also pursuing Audio Engineering under Sri Baba Prasad, who is the only waves certified instructor in India at Digi Sound Studio. 
 As a Veena artist and an audio engineer in the making, Sashank is perhaps the most authentic source in the field of Veena for information about Veena pickups. In the above video he has demonstrated the usage of various mikes, including acoustic and non-acoustic mikes. The intent of my many articles in showcasing the difference between acoustic and electric Veenas and how an acoustic Veena is reduced to a non-acoustic instrument by using a non-acoustic mike is clearly demonstrated here.
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